Love Peter Kreeft. Always Have. Always Will.

One of the Poisonous Fruits of the Priest Abuse Scandal…
Change the conversation on “Death with Dignity”
Prayer Request for a Christian family kidnapped by ISIS–and commentary by Fr. Barron
The Wacky World of Postmodernism
  • Thinkling

    “Like calling cannibals chefs.”

    LOL. Too many quotables in this talk to count.

  • Teri

    I do too. Thank you for sharing. I really needed to hear this, as I have been a little discouraged upon reading all the predictable articles quoting dissident Catholics who are looking for a liberal pope who will transform the Church into nothing but “Phoneys” and rejoicing over the retirement of our current very Holy Father…Makes me sad to see so many miss the point of our faith so completely. Not looking forward to all the articles condemning our next Holy Father when he upholds all the teachings of our mother the church that so many loath, as he surely will, being guided by the Holy Spirit and all…