Militarized Police…

…continue Ruling Class program of treating Americans, not as free citizens of a free country, but as suspect subjects of a police state that is free to spy on them and, when it chooses shoot pregnant women and children without hesitation. More and more, you get the sense that the police are not being trained “to protect and to serve” the populace, but to protect and to serve the vampires of the emerging overclass who are preparing to ride out the storm when they have finished battening on the neck of Lady Liberty and draining her dry. It would be in keeping with the grand tradition of previous revolts in English-speaking lands, such as when the rich cronies of Henry VIII rebelled against the poor.

On the bright side, I suspect the drone will provide some excellent skeet for some eager marksman.

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  • Been reading Chesterton, have you?

  • Adolfo

    Can you imagine how much trouble you’d get in for shooting down a police drone? It’s almost worth doing it for that alone.

    • Stu

      With the growing ability to utilize technologies such as 3D printing and other methods of miniature fabrication that are available to the public, you will see (are seeing) private “drones” being developed.

      It’s not so much “shooting a drone down” but rather launching your own drone to go hunt down another one.

      • Andy, Bad Person

        This sounds like the greatest model airplane hobby ever.

        • Timothy of Seattle

          This is why our ruling class are incrementally moving towards bans on model airplanes, e.g.:

          • Stu

            What are they going do do, have model airplane police?

            • Theodore Seeber

              I keep failing at my lenten promise, but this one got to my inner geek.

              What are they going to do about autonomous unmarked “launch it and forget it” solar powered drones? How do you track them?

              And anybody who thinks you have any privacy and are still able to see a window to begin with must be quite ignorant in this day and age. They’ve been tracking you for years, get used to it.

  • “joe”

    “more and more”

    yes, but it’s been this way for some time now. i noticed maybe 15 years ago that so many of the cops here in nyc had come to look like weightlifters, which certainly wasn’t true of, e,g, my cousin who was a cop in the 70s/80s. i do think this was connected with the move to militarization, even before 9/11. i well remember when giuliani brought out the tank – the nypd has a tank – to evict some squatters who had with their sweat improved the apt building they had moved into when the landlord abdicated.