Next Time You Go to Confession…

…just explain that you aren’t a sinner, you’re just “vernacular“. Then explain that the next Pope needs to be faithful to the Third Vatican Council which will, we are assured, remake the Church in the image and likeness of CNN and the faculty lounge at Hofstra.

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Bravo, Mr. Rowen!
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Bravo, Mr. Rowen!

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  • Alexander Anderson

    “In the United States, a Catholic woman might attend a Roman parish, work for Catholic Charities, serve as an independent Catholic priest, officiate weddings for divorced Romans on weekends and do Buddhist meditation every morning, too.”

    What is this I don’t even…

  • Tom
    • Samantha

      LOL great response!

  • LUKE1732

    I keep making the mistake of thinking they can’t get any dumber. But I’m beginning to realize that this kind of commentary on the Church is like the evil twin of heaven as depicted in The Last Battle – instead of “further up and further in” it’s “further down and further out” pulling away from actual reality farther and faster ad infinitum.

  • This “Venacular Church” that she refers to, surrounds the concept of the “democratic Church”. That which the laity think is what defines the Church, more or less. And she asks for “equal reporting” based on that. Thus reporting should cover proportionally the size of each movement. If 35% of Catholics go to “WomynPriest parishes” then 35% of news coverage should be of them, not of “the Pope”.

    I submit that if the press were to ACTUALLY DO THAT, to dole out coverage based on the percentages, we’d be hearing a LOT LESS about “WomynPriests” and a lot more about faithful Catholics who are obedient to the Pope and take Catholic theology seriously.

    People like her get far more share of their media coverage than the percentages would allow.

  • Chris M

    For being big on “open mindedness” and “diversity” these folks sound exactly alike and spend all their time and energy making sure everyone else thinks the same way.