Obama = Chutzpah

Obama = Chutzpah February 12, 2013

The guy who is making war on the Catholic Church and fighting multiple lawsuits against him for his draconian suppression of the first amendment rights of the Church blathers something about “working together” with Pope Benedict.

This is like Nero issuing a press release on his eager willingness to “work together” with Sts. Peter and Paul to raise up a new generation of saints and martyrs for the Church to venerate.

Thanks for nothing.  Just. Go. Away.

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  • Stu

    I don’t say this lightly.

    The President is an ass.

  • Scotty

    It surprised me that such a “media savvy” administration took several hours to issue a brief statement about a hugely significant event in a city-state that the U.S. has official diplomatic ties. Granted the time-zone difference is one reason why statements came from England, France, and Germany before the U.S., but waiting until the early afternoon EST to issue a 3 sentence statement…?

    Then I realized the Obama Administration probably had to f0cus-group the hell out of its statement with Planned Parenthood, Americans for Marriage Equality, Catholics United, Catholics for Choice, Catholics for Obama, Code Pink, etc… And that probably took all morning. Can’t be too careful with these things.

  • brian_in_brooklyn

    These complaints sound like. “The food here is terrible! And the portions are so small!”

  • “joe”

    “making war on the Catholic Church”
    yes that’s it, that’s always it.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      What would you call it?

      • “joe”

        implementing policies he may just actually believe are in the right.
        but when the center of your world is the church, you think the center of everyone else’s world must be too. (this attitude isn’t restricted to catholics, btw. i’ve heard muslims say that the the GWOT is “obviously” a war on islam.)
        full disclosure: i agree that any hospital should have an exemption, to whose practices this is repugnant. hippocratic oath at least, along with religious scruple. i wish i didn’t have to pay taxes under threat of imprisonment with which money the gov’t carries out murders of innocents around the world though, either.
        but this victimological narcissism is what drives me away from one catholic blog after another. “war on the Catholic Chruch.” please.

  • sjay

    I think it’s just a nice polite statement suitable for issuing under the circumstances. Sort of like when I get asked to write a reference for someone about whom I have mixed feelings. I focus on the positive impressions and keep the negative ones to myself.

    • S. Murphy

      That’s how I’m inclined to take it.