The Reality That Awaits Women in Combat

by somebody who’s been, you know, in combat–unlike the Ruling Class chickenhawks who send other people to die and view our troops as infinitely manipulable lab rats for their social theorizing.

The basic notion of the Left in power, when it comes to having command of the military is, “Ooh!  Fun!  Somebody I can just… *do* things to and they *have* to obey!  A toy set *and* a laboratory!  Goody!”  Our system of checks and balances in civil life is a frustration to the Left (hence the calls for getting rid of the Constitution from the NY Times).  But with the military, the Left enjoys the absolute power it would really like to impose on the rest of us if it could.

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  • Robert

    Except tht in the recent past, the vast amount of military endeavors have been committed to by republicans. Truth is, whoever is in power tries to remake things in their image.

    • Stu

      Oh, there were plenty in the Democrat Party willing to go along with the GOP until it became politically smart to claim they opposed such action.

  • Obpoet

    As I said before, it is a horrible idea. Which is exactly why it should happen. So everyone can see the horror that is war, and all of our young men and women can await with equal opportunity the next draft. So that they can die in equal numbers, and experience equal rates of PTSD, and commit equal rates of suicide. And the perhaps society can equally oppose the madness.

  • Rosemarie


    I’ve always been opposed to women in combat, but it’s apparently even worse than I’d thought. Lack of hygiene? Standing around naked? What if a female soldier has her period in that situation? Omgosh!

    • I’m sure they’ll chemically sterilize the women in combat, right?

      • kmk

        Enough women voluntarily sterilize themselves (permanently or via ABC) to work in the military, fire department, etc., so sadly the precedent is set.

  • Old Man

    We need to reduce our military budget and stop acting like our military can solve everyone’s problems. This is not a partisan problem.

    • Stu

      The GOP likes to use the military but tends to fund it properly for such escapades.

      The Democrat Party likes to the use the military as well but instead doesn’t fund it.

      In either case, the operational tempo remains the same.

  • Marthe Lépine

    I don’t know if my question is appropriate, but it has been on my mind for a while, with these discussions of women in combat. My question: But what about Joan of Arc? Surely combat conditions were not better in her days, even with much more primitive weapons… Of course, it was a special call from the Lord and all that, but I am still wondering.
    If my questions offends someone, please feel free to remove it…

  • Dustin

    If military life is so awful, unbearable and degrading, why not agitate to keep men out of it as well? Or do we not care about the conditions male servicemen are subjected to?

    • Marthe Lépine

      Excellent suggestion!

    • If one keeps both sexes out of combat, nobody is there to stop the bad actors from coming over and imposing worse than combat conditions on us all. Or do you think that we are living in a world of saints?

      • Dustin

        No. I’m snarking. Of course military life means a degree of hardship, of less-than-ideal sanitation and everything else the WSJ op-ed described. But no one who wants equal opportunities for female service-members is unaware of that. Women in the military aren’t unaware of that and have already served in such conditions. Women in the military aren’t stupid or naive about what they’ll face. They’re not a bunch of fainting Victorian ladies or Southern debutantes in immaculate white dresses. They’re not weak or delicate or frail. They’re hardy, courageous and strong and willing to do whatever they have to do to serve and protect their country, to the same degree as their male colleagues. They don’t want to be “protected” from the soldier’s life. They want to live it. It’s why they enlisted. They want to do the protecting. Why shouldn’t they? I admire the constitution of anyone willing to endure what service-members endure. Women are no less capable of it, and they’ve proven themselves over and over, all over the world.

  • IB Bill

    My argument against women in combat was always, well, if we’re not protecting our women, children and nation, who and what are we protecting? Society has moved away from the notion of men as protectors of women and guardians of the nation, and sees my whole attitude as sexist atavism. I find the idea of women in combat and combat zones to be utterly barbaric.

    • Dustin

      I’ll keep asking: if the conditions of combat are so horrifying and barbaric, why aren’t people with your attitude just as outraged by subjecting men to those conditions? The question is half-snark, but it’s a response to this curiously condescending idea some people have about men: that it’s only “natural” for men to tolerate filth and squalor, and that we shouldn’t expect them to mind it, as if they were beasts. Further, it (and the title of Mr. Shea’s post) doesn’t acknowledge the agency or experience of actual female soldiers: that they’ve already gone through the aforementioned ordeal and have willingly signed up for it and stayed in the service after it. It’s an attitude that assumes women are incapable of enduring hardship. It assumes that women are unfit to take up arms. It’s very telling that this attitude places women in a category of helplessness with children.

      • kmk


        WHo here is assuming that women are incapable of enduring hardship? In or out of the military, it is the women who bear the brunt of war (and survive it!). WOmen go through childbirth, for cryin out loud. WHo do you think has defended the homefront since time began with whatever weapons they had?

        There were at least 2 previous posts on this matter with exhaustive comments. 2 weeks ago, I believe. I don’t have time to find them. I hope someone does and you are able to read them. One of them begins with an article from a female MARINE CPT WHO HAS BEEN IN COMBAT. Is she a wimp for suggesting that men and women are different?

  • Sharon

    What if a female soldier has her period in that situation?

    I would imagine that women would be medicated so that they didn’t have a period whilst in combat.

    • kmk

      I can tellyou from experience that even in peacetime during a field exercise on a US military base, it stinks–especially if you are “unprepared.” And I am (still) not a wimp…..

      Yes, let’s mutilate or break the the natural functions of a woman’s body so she can be even more functional and utilitarian. There simply aren’t enough able bodied strong young men. (sarcasm –not aimed atyou, Sharon, but I imagine elite people have been thinking about that for years. : ) ).