We have such generous friends abroad

It’s heartwarming how 54 countries all volunteered to help us run our secret CIA gulag of torture chambers.

And all for only three prisoners, according to not-at-all-a-filthy-liar-or-anything Dick Cheney.

Happily, Obama has expanded on this program with secret and unilaterally ordered cold-blooded murder of people (including Americans) he thinks need killin’.

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  • Michael in ArchDen

    OK, I don’t know who photoshopped in the teleprompter, but that’s funny!

    What is sad is that we need to create humor in order to hide our horror at what is being done in our name…

  • Andy

    Unfortunately the horrors that we now face are based in our own inaction many years ago – long before Bush, when we put people in camps because they were German or Japanese. All we see now is the logical end point of demonizing the other – of reducing people we don’t agree with to targets, of attempting to control “thoughts” by labeling people we don’t agree with as evil. We are represented in our government in many ways by people who seem to be following our lead. The problem is that the government can permanently silence someone.
    We are getting what we have sown in our own lives – our own behaviors and our thoughts. The torture of the Bush administration reflected our desire to get them, and make them pay one way or the other. The internment of the Germans and Japanese represented our desire (then) to say your ethnic background was to powerful to be overcome. I guess what I am trying to say is that American History is littered with evil behaviors – this being one of them
    This is not an apology for Obama, i am appalled at best. It is not an attack on conservatives, I was appalled by the Bush torture acts. It is a reflection that we present to the world with our inability to accept others that we can do what we want to the other.

    • Andy

      From above
      based in our own inaction – should read based on our own actions – autocorrect it wasn’t tired eyes it was.

  • Eric

    In the Soviet Gulag, millions of people were unjustly imprisoned, and a huge proportion of them were worked to death or executed. It’s obscene to compare that with the CIA prisons, in which three people were waterboarded, and a few dozen terrorists were detained.

    • Chris M

      Ok.. how many do we need to illegally detain, torture, and ‘accidentally’ kill until we can compare it?

      • Arnold

        I estimate something like ten to 20 million prisoners would make the comparison fairly accurate.

        • Mark Shea

          It’s a consolaton to know our government can torture and murder for a good long while yet before the Rubber Hose Right will start to consider it evil.

          • Mike Petrik

            Are you suggesting that either Eric or Arnold believes that torture or murder is not evil? And you make this libelous conclusion how? From the fact they don’t think the evil done by the Bush administration is comparable to that of the Soviet gulags?

            • “joe”

              a gulag is a system of camps (actually it was the gov’t agency that ran the system). the US has a gulag, much of it overseas. that doesn’t mean that there have been as many killings or acts of torture committed in them as in the USSR gulag, but it’s a gulag. and there have been killings and acts of torture in them.

              but then i actually think the US government is responsible for its actions, just as any other government is for its action.

    • Mark Shea

      I’m curious how you know the numbers of people detained, tortured and murdered in our little gulag, much less why you think 54 countries were involved in this elaboate system of rendition? Then again, not I’m not. Brain-dead apologetics for this filth have been a specialty of the rubber hose Right for a decade.