Who Knew Lutherans Were So Funny?

The last line is the best.

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  • Stu

    It’s all of the lime jello.

    (Former Lutheran joke.)

  • I thought that was a Baptist joke?

    • Stu

      No, the Baptist one involves taking more than one of them fishing with you to preserve your beer supply.

      Though maybe desire for synthetic fruit flavored deserts is a protestant thing. It is darn near heretical.

      • Beccolina

        I thought both of those jokes were about Mormons, actually. The skit reminds me of a line by a writer, “Silly is just silly, but funny is TRUE.”

      • The Lutheran I know is obsessed with Jello, and even managed to create an all-gelatin meal that included aspic.

  • James H, London

    Just perfect – many a true word spoken in jest, or joust!

  • That’s the masterful stylings of Hans Fiene… I would recommend taking a look at all his videos, although he has a lot of problems with the Catholic Church he also seems to have a great deal of respect for much of what the church stands for

    • honeybee

      @Billy Kangas:
      I, too, adore Pastor Fiene’ s work and have seen all his Lutheran Satire videos. He’s in a class by himself.

  • JB

    Sorry but to me this is just f-cked up and gives me a headache. I acknowledge Lutherans as our fellow Christians, but they – and Protestants generally (not to mention Catholics) – just get on my f-cking nerves.

    • SouthCoast

      Prehaps, JB, you should attempt to cultivate a chaste nerve or two. Just for variety’s sake, if nothing else.

      • Stu

        Or have a drink.

        • JB

          I was drunk when I wrote that, so I thank you for your friendly chastisement.

    • Clare Krishan

      JB – then perhaps you need some worship aids to focus your prayers, how about this fine ‘traditional’ patrimony:
      http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00cgfl3 [ Tilman Reimenschneider’s carved Holy Blood Altar in Rothenburg ob der Tauber St James Church ] and
      both Catholic originally but carefully treasured and preserved for centuries by Lutherans – including a fundraiser to prevent the latter being melted for scrapmetal value in war time
      – be thankful for small mercies, I say!