A Question about Franciscan Icons

A reader writes:

You seem like a guy who might know a bit about this. For perhaps obvious reasons, I find myself suddenly interested in purchasing a poster or icon of St. Francis. I would kind of prefer it if I could purchase it from an actual charitable/religious organization instead of from, uh, Amazon or art.com. Do you have any ideas where I might find a place that sells such artwork for a good cause?

Beats me. Anybody know?

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  • Katharine M

    Yep, http://www.monasteryicons.com/! They have at least 3 St. Francis icon models, do education on religious art and their products are very nice. I have my eye on a beautiful Our Lady of Guadalupe with an arched top that they make but am buying the life of Christ with Christ Risen for Easter first.

    • Katharine M

      I suppose I should specify that they are more mounted prints of icons than icons painted directly onto wood but they come close to the real deal for folks like me who can’t afford to commission something hand painted

    • http://creativefidelity.wordpress.com Dan F.
    • http://backoftheworld.com Ryan M.

      I’ve used Monastery Icons for several gifts, and they are fantastic. Very high quality, good prices, and speedy service.

  • http://youmeandlilg.blogspot.com Rakhi

    If they are in the southeast Michigan area, Faith@Work in Troy, MI is a little nonprofit Catholic store that carries religious books and gifts and does take special orders. http://www.faithatworktroy.org. If they know what they want or have seen a product online and are willing to pay shipping, the store may take non-local orders as well. They have raised over $60,000 for local charities including soup kitchens and a maternity home or two (that whole bridging the gap bit)…

  • Charlotte

    Monastery Icons is neither a religious group nor a charitable organization. There is little proof that they are even Christian. You can search for “monastery icons controversy” to read more. Try http://www.printeryhouse.org/ProdPage.asp?prod=C09#sthash.EFgL7Ff4.dpbs.
    This is The Printery House which is run by a Benedictine Abbey in Missouri.

  • Rae Stabosz


    This takes you to the online Pauline Books and Media store. When I worked in their now-closed Philadelphia store, they had a section of beautiful Catholic art (pictures , statues, posters, miscellaneous media) that they stocked from all over . The online store may not have every item they have in stock. But if you call any of their brick and mortar stores, they can access the full database of all stores, and can ship from anywhere. They are friendly, and a Catholic religious order whose ministry is all forms of media. Alba House is the bookstore of the Society of St Paul, a male religious order in the same Pauline family . This is not the Paulists of Paulist Press. The Pauline Family of 5 orders and 4 lay institutions came from Blessed James Alberione, the Founder, who died in 1978.

    Full disclosure– I am a lay Pauline Cooperator. This is a terrific group though. The Daugters put out the US versions if the encyclicals — light blue on blue for JPII’S, light red on red for BXVIs . They also sing like angels!

  • Rosemarie


    Bridge Building Images sells a few icons of St. Francis of Assisi from different iconographers:


    But I don’t think they qualify as a religious group and they’re a business, not a charitable organization.

  • Susan

    I have not looked at the links above, but when I visited the Benedictine abbey of Subiaco in Italy, they had what is claimed to be the ONLY portrait drawn from life of Francis. It is on the cover of the “Francis of Assisi: A new Biography” by Augustine Thompson, O.P. (the book so many faithful Catholics have been raving about, especially since the election of the Pope, as it shows the real Francis, including his obedience, love of the Eucharist, etc., ) I have some beautiful icons from that portrait but they were gifts and I do not know where they are from.

  • Mitch


    They might not have St. Francis since they are Orthodox, but they are quite good for icons.

  • http://joewetterling.com Joe Wetterling

    The Marytown shop seems to carry far more than shows up on their website. They may have St. Francis statues and icons in their catalog that aren’t listed online:

  • Heather Price

    If you could get to an actual brick-and-mortar store, the vast majority of the ones I know are mom-and-pop businesses run by fellow Catholics (like Faith@Work, mentioned above). Peaceful Dove in Clinton Township and the Catholic Supply House in Warren are a couple others. Even if they aren’t “religious-run” places like a monastery, or a charitable organization as generally perceived, a small business selling Catholicaica might be easier to find (and check out).

  • Rick

    Catholic to the Max has several Cimabeu images of St. Francis –13th century copy of a fresco from St. Francis Basilica. http://www.catholictothemax.com/brands.php?brand=St.-Francis-of-Assisi