Another Hopeful Sign

“The idea that celibacy produces paedophiles can be forgotten,” he says. “If a priest is a paedophile, he is so before he becomes a priest. But when this happens you must never look away. You cannot be in a position of power and use it to destroy the life of another person.”

Bergoglio says he has never had to deal with such a case, but when a bishop asked what he should do, he told him the priest should be sacked and tried, that putting the church’s reputation first was a mistake.

“I think that is the solution that was once proposed in the United States; of switching them to other parishes,” he says. “That is stupid, because the priest continues to carry the problem in his backpack.” The only answer to the problem, he adds, is zero tolerance.

I would love to be wrong in my prediction about him not kicking butt and taking names.  This gives me hope that I am. But we’ll see.  What I want plus five bucks will get you a cup of coffee.  On the other hand, the article is wishfully and delusionally titled, “Pope Francis’ Book Reveals a Radical Progressive in the Making”. Uh huh.  The English press seems to have a penchant for projecting fantasies on to him.  So proceed with caution.

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  • Andy, Bad Person

    My only disagreement with such statements are that he should be sacked and then tried.

    Unfortunately, “zero tolerance” provides a guitly-until-proven-innocent mindset. I’m sure Francis’ real application would be more reasonable, but “zero tolerance” has caused its share of problems, too.

    N.B.: I am not suggesting that the accused be left in ministry for a single second. There is simply a difference between “sacked” and “removed from ministry until a trial has been held and evidence presented.”

    • Robert King

      Note that “zero tolerance” is the reporter’s phrase, not a quote from then-Cardinal Bergoglio.

      • Andy, Bad Person

        Good. Even then, I’m okay with a Zero Tolerance policy when it comes to proven abusers. I think there just needs to be better treatment until the evidence comes out. Removal from ministry until trial is prudent.

  • deiseach

    Yes, there are indeed false accusations. I have personal knowledge of one which happened in my own home town. The person making the accusations was delusional (in the actual sense of being mentally ill) but that didn’t stop the media from going to town with articles headlined “”Vile Nun”, “Pervert Nun”, “Mercy Devil”, “I was Raped by Anti-Christ” and one trashy tabloid had an ‘exclusive’ by its lead crime reporter alleging that the accused had supplied children for a paedophile priest.

    All nonsense, but she was tried and convicted with her co-accused, and after the case was deemed a miscarriage of justice, she won a large libel award against that paper. Oh, and the daring investigative crime reporter with the totally invented story? He’s still writing for the papers, and is being featured in ad campaigns about ‘read the latest from the man with the inside knowledge’.

    Yes, justice indeed! (sarcasm off)

  • Alister

    I’m holding out for him kicking butt and taking names, but only once he’s got things settled out to allow him to do so without obstruction. Like the church herself, it’ll be slow, steady, and unstoppable.

  • Kristen inDallas

    What you want plus $5 will actually get me about 60, cups of coffee… because I brew it at home. :)) Don’t sell yourself short Mark!