Avatars of Thing That Used to be Conservativism Attack Actual Conservatism

Well that didn’t take long.  Tom McDonald notes on his FB page about the political whoring of John McCain and Lindsey Graham as they pull out the long knives to deal with Rand Paul’s uppity protest against our Ruling Class and the Corporatist Police State they service:

Rand Paul has finally forced the issue of whether the Republican party will return to true conservative principles, or whether it will remain in thrall to its neo-con, corporatist paymasters. Choose sides wisely, Senators, and remember the Whigs.

May they lose and lose in a thorough humiliating way.

Don’t imagine for a second this is about Left vs. Right or Democrat vs. Republican. This is about our Ruling Class vs. the rest of us.

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  • Mark Hartman

    Right you are. It was interesting to see the senators from both sides of the aisle who recognize that they are the servants, not the rulers, of the people; they backed Sen. Paul. McCain and Graham should retire.

  • http://backoftheworld.com Ryan M.

    Couldn’t agree more, Mark.

  • The Deuce

    And speaking of long knives, it should be noted that McCain and Graham made those comments while wining and dining in an extravagant Ruling Class dinner together with Obama.

    • http://chicagoboyz.net TMLutas

      The dining with Obama part wasn’t the problem. Several of the people supporting Paul did so before or after going to the same dinner. Such dinners are part of the job. The problem is the knifing.

  • http://www.godandthemachine.com Thomas L. McDonald

    Hope they enjoyed that nice dinner last night, the rats.

    These are the people who ran Romney (that great populist and man of the people who noted, “Under my plan, the capitol gains from your investments will be taxed less!” Investments? What are they?) and, um… McCain. Great choices!

    Enough. I am a conservative (the kind they mock as a “paleocon”). They are not. And if they can’t be true to the brand, then it’s time for them to step aside for new leadership or for the Republican party to just fade away already.

  • Steve

    Last time I checked, John McCain and Lindsey Graham are not avatars of conservatives (past or present).

  • http://davidgriffey.blogspot.com/ Dave G.

    This would be par for the course from McCain and Graham, who have concluded it’s easier to suck up to the media culture supporting Obama than stand firm. Rush Limbaugh brought this up to Mr. Paul on his show today (Paul was interviewed), and I thought Rand handled it with class: major disagreements.

  • Scott

    I was so proud of the stand made by Senator Paul that I could just shout! He made me feel good to be an American again. He stood up for the true Constitution. Even the libs on Twitter were buzzing positively over the stand by Senator Rand Paul. God bless him!

  • Chris M

    I don’t understand how someone who sacrificed SO MUCH for his country can so blithely betray it like that. I’m very, very disappointed in John McCain. He’s lost a lot of respect from me. Not that he cares.

  • David B

    McCain and Graham have showed themselves to be tools. Missing a chance to stand up for our rights while wining and dining on taxpayer money. Doesn’t that just describe most of our politicians!

    I think Paul’s filibuster has had a wider effect of exposing what complete hacks and hypocrites politicians of *both* parties have become. It was a brilliant move really.