Bill Kristol: Infallibly Wrong About Everything

Bill Kristol, Warmonger Extraordinaire, has managed to be so wrong so often about so many things that when he attacks something or somebody, it’s a kind of negative imprimatur.  No.  Really.  The guy has a sort of charism of wrongness:

So what is his Wrongitude up to now?  Why, joining up with McCain and Graham in denouncing Rand Paul’s attack on Obama police state powers and self-granted and secret 007 as unpatriotic.  Why he has been granted a national platform and is taken seriously by any on planet earth is beyond me. Somebody as consistently, infallibly, and colossally wrong as him would, in a sane world, have long ago been sent packing.  But in the bubble of unreal, self-constucted reality that is Bourbon Neoconnerie, there are no consequences and no admissions of fault.  Just blame assigned to other people for failing The Theory.  It is this, more than anything else, that shows the strange genetic affiliation Neocons have with Commies, who likewise have never been able to acknowledge that their perfect theory had “problems”.

Meanwhile, guys like this

get the real dynamic, not Left vs. Right but our Ruling Class on both sides of the aisle (with a few honorable exceptions on both sides of the aisle) vs. the rest of us.  It’s really simple: anybody in the Ruling Class who opposed Rand Paul’s point in this filibuster is an enemy of the United States of America and her people.  End of story.

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