ChurchMilitantTV comes out in support of Francis

Only fair to post this after my earlier stupidity.  Well done, CMTV!  I particularly like the call to do works of mercy:

Francis inspires rising tide of exorcists and exorcisms
Breaking: Nigerian Army Rescues 200 Girls, 93 Women
Catholics Rally Around Abp. Cordileone
Pope Lauds Iran Nuke Deal
  • JoAnna

    I echo your sentiments, Mark: well done, CMTV!

  • Marthe Lépine

    I also second Mark’s sentiments. That was an excellent presentation. Very very nice after so much negativity has been expressed.

  • Scott W.

    His clamorous style bends a lot of noses out of shape. Heck, it occasionally bends MY nose out of shape, and I’m usually up for greenlighting use of the Atomic Flyswatter, but he is one of the good guys.

  • Dr. Peter John Resweber

    You actually expected otherwise?

    • Matthew

      Dr. Peter:
      I haven’t noticed a formal apology from Mark yet, only that the slanderous accusation has been pulled from the blog. I think you are spot on. The question is why would Mark leap to the conclusion that this “anti-Francis” piece must be from Voris. It seems the proper attitude would be: “Voris would never say such a thing about the pope. I had better check this out more thoroughly before leaping to rash judgement.”
      It is good to apologize when one is wrong. It is also good to work at being wrong less often.

      • Mark Shea
        • Dr. Peter John Resweber


          Well, now, I did see it and I did see your retraction.

          Giving credit where credit is due, the retraction is RIGHT UP TOP.

          GOOD ON YOU!

          Regardless, I still say it should not be surprising to anyone that Voris supports the pope.


          • Mark Shea

            No good deed goes unpunished.

            • Dr. Peter John Resweber


              (You can ignore all this extra text.)
              (The software apparently didn’t like me simply posting the smiley wink.)
              (Ah, work-arounds.)

      • Dr. Peter John Resweber


        I’m not sure what “slanderous accusation” you’re referencing. I didn’t see it (I’m probably glad I didn’t). Bottom line, it would take a complete misunderstanding of Voris to be the least bit surprised by the video posted above. It is nothing less and nothing more than his standard fare.


        • Theodore Seeber

          It was a surprise to me, seeing as how I was banned from commenting on his Youtube channel over two years ago for asking him to explain his insinuation that soup kitchens and feeding the homeless was evil. He never did explain, just blocked me from posting on his channel.

      • ivan_the_mad

        “It is good to apologize when one is wrong.” Heh, I guess we can expect an apology on your part very soon then, yes? ;)

      • Brother Cadfael

        Matthew: Given your mistaken post, I assume (1) you’ll be apologizing to Mark, and (2) you’re also working at being wrong less often.

    • Theodore Seeber

      Yes, I expected otherwise, and today he’s back on message rallying *against* social justice Catholics.

      He’s not usually a friend of the corporal works of mercy, but I respect him for his support of the spiritual works of mercy, and I respect him for saying in the previous vortex that we, as conservatives, need to walk the talk more. If we did, maybe we’d save the Pope from this virtual “kidnapping”.

  • victor

    Live-stream that dinner straight into my belly!

  • Tim Wallace

    Dear Mark, In the Year of Faith I have just published a book on The Church since Vatican II which I believe is original in its thesis, as set down on my blog and in the trailer for the book- could you please post it on your blog?

  • Bruce

    This warms my heart. I am four years on in my journey back to the Church out of atheism, and when the fights among different factions in the Church break out, it has a weird destabilizing effect on me. My faith is weak. It is nice to see Mark and Michael on the same page here, even if it is just once, under the same Vicar of Christ. Deo Gratias.

  • Thinkling

    Well done Michael and the folks at CMTV.

    Peter Kreeft had pointed out “modern man is more afraid of being right where others are wrong than of being wrong”

    Liked the starstruck kids in the background of the shoot too.

  • Peter Brennan

    Michael Voris has many faults, being wrong isn’t one of them. (With thanks to Jimmy Hoffa)