For all your List of Food Days Needs…

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Epic Teacher Prank of Epicness!
John Cleese on Doctor Who
Chickenosaurus is coming!
  • Katie in FL

    Well, we are certainly aware of food in this country.

    • jcb

      If we weren’t constantly reminded, we might forget that food exists.

  • Anna

    It certainly gets specific, doesn’t it? “Oatmeal Nut Waffle Day”? I observed that rather a lot of the days originated with Thomas Roy, who apparently submits wacky holidays to the folks who print the annual list of various observances; they seem to agree with him (and I guess I can see their point) that there’s no good reason not to have Hoodie-Hoo Day if you happen want to.

  • Anna

    I forgot to say, I was glad to see that there are two other Pie Days I can celebrate, since it never feels Lenten to make pie on Pi Day – and that one is always in Lent.