Here’s an Idea for the GOP: Stop Lionizing Stupidity

Republicans will start winning elections again by telling Americans they should be proud of acting stupid.”

Yes.  Yes indeed.

In a related vein, when Bubba Jo Suggs and Nathan Bedford Forrest Jr. show up at your CPAC workshop on racial diversity and proceed to sing the glories of the Confederacy, crow about “White Culture” and the threat that minorities pose to the White Race, and pine for the days when the Peculiar Institution kept all them grateful banjo-playing darkies fed and housed, you don’t allow them to throw your workshop into chaos and direct most of your ire at the horrified African-American lady in the house.  You throw these Klan Klowns out and make clear that there is no room whatsoever for this filthy bigotry.

Finally, speaking of stupid:  the GOP should really get around to reconsidering how the whole “refusing to admit that Iraq war was a catastrophically bad idea” thing is not helping them win votes with a huge demographic of people (strangely the age group forced to fight it).

Now I’m all for sticking to principle in the face of unpopularity.  But the basic rule of thumb is that you stick to your guns when you are right and the crowd is wrong, not when you are proven multiple times to have been disastrously and stupidly wrong and your critics are right.

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