Here’s what to expect from the MSM

When they run across this quote from Pope Francis:

“Not only are they violated (human rights) by terrorism, repression and assassinations, but also with the existence of conditions of extreme poverty and unjust economic structures which cause great inequalities.”

There will be cheers. Jesuit+Latin American+this quote = “Liberation theologian bent on reforming a retrograde Church, calling the Third Vatican Council, and ordaining women and approving of gay marriage, right?”

Then, when they run across this quote:

“Let’s not be naive, we’re not talking about a simple political battle; it is a destructive pretension against the plan of God. We are not talking about a mere bill, but rather a machination of the Father of Lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God.”

They will freak out, declare him a failure and resume predicting the imminent death of the Church and interviewing Woodstock geezers and people whose knuckles were rapped by Sister Mary Elephant in third grade 50 years ago.

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  • Trad Catholic

    At least Pope Francis is white and not a mestizo! Thank God for that!

    • Beccolina

      You ARE joking, right?
      I actually expected the conclave to go on longer, so I was very surprised when I came in from the yard and my cousin had sent me a message about a new pope already.

    • Mercury

      Why would you say such a thing?

    • RS

      I’m sure your productive racist trolling will last long. As a “Trad Catholic” shouldn’t you be out pretending we’re still in an endless interregnum?

      • RS

        Oy. Proofreading. Read that as: “Your racist trolling sure is productive. I bet you’ll last long [on Mark's blog.]“

        • Mark Shea

          I think I’ll leave the post up, since I had people telling me that No True Tradsman is a racist.

          • http://arabianknits.blogspot.com/ Ranee @ Arabian Knits

            It’s not quite fair to assume that he is honest with his handle, though, and that he _is_ a Tradsman.

            • Mark Shea

              Actually, it is. He’s a Traddie who happens to be a racist partisan of this blog.

    • http://irenist.blogspot.com/ Irenist

      Trad Catholic: Are you a poe?

    • MtMama

      So, I guess you won’t be apostatizing?

    • Beadgirl

      I’m in too good a mood. I’m going to assume you were joking or being facetious.

      Tenemos un Papa!

    • Dale Price

      Why am I suddenly hearing Kevin Kline’s driving observation from “A Fish Called Wanda”?

      And don’t assume the troll is a Trad by the moniker.

    • Will

      Which means he is a gringo! (In Argentina, that usually means italian).

    • ivan_the_mad

      The stupid is strong with this one too.

  • meunke

    Wait… Are you saying he’s a CULTURAL MARXIST!?!?

    • Mark Shea

      Bum bum BUMMMMMMM!

  • Eileen D’A

    He also called gay adoption “discrimination against children” so go put that in your liberal pipe & smoke it MSM.

  • http://www.parafool.com victor

    The Beunos Aires Herald isn’t impressed, of course, but you should have seen what the Galilean Times printed about Christ.

  • Steve S

    After watching the news, I hopped in my car to drive home from work. Turning on the radio, the first words I hear from NPR are these: “. . . the Church’s teaching on homosexuality.” I thought to myself, “And so it begins.”

    I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit when our new Pope asked us to pray for the Lord’s blessing upon him. And it was a powerful sign of unity when the Universal Church prayed together with our Holy Father.

    God bless Pope Francis. St. Francis of Assisi, pray for us! St. Francis Xavier, pray for us!

    • midwestlady

      They’re going to have a hell of a time getting their head wrapped around . My guess is if the new pope lives to be 100, they still won’t get it.

    • Bill M.

      Oh, yes. And repetition of the lies of that nutcase Verbitsky.

  • Domestic Ginger

    The Guardian UK already called him a liberation theologist!

    • Susan

      Ha ha ha ha! Maybe they confused his ties with “Communion and Liberation” – to which B16 had SUCH strong ties – and combined it with his concern for the poor, and saw all that as making him a Liberation Theologian…. and not understanding that they are complete opposites. That is, there is TRUE concern for the poor, after JPII and B16 (especially in the latter’s encyclicals, which take down LT), and Marxist “concern” which denies the poor their full humanity.

    • Mark Shea

      My awesome prophetic powers remain undimmed. When they discovver he is orthodox, they would analyze how the papacy has forced him to compromise his prophetic witness.

    • midwestlady

      Wait til they see what he thinks about gay adoption and abortion! It’ll blow their gaskets.

  • dpt

    Attended noon Mass (here on the West Coast), where I had heard we had a new pope and his name was Francis I.

    Following Mass, there were a number of reporters outside the cathedral and one radio journalist asked me my thoughts about Francis I and the biggest challenges the church faces.

    I stated I know nothing about Pope Francis I except he is from the Southern Hemisphere, and the biggest challenging facing the church is countering the consumerism and materialism in the world that distorts our relationships–within families and within society. (Well, that’s what I tried to convey on the spot).

    I suspect they were seeking something along the lines of the sex abuse scandal, birth control, women’s ordination.

    • http://www.theleenmachine.blogspot.com KML

      ….and no doubt they kept shoving microphones in faces until they found it to broadcast it. But good try (and I think you’re spot on).

  • Mike Harrison

    He is Pope Francis. Not Pope Francis I. Pope Francis.

    • Will

      Ditto. Do you talk about “King John I”?

  • FW Ken

    The nun-with-ruler thing is fun, I suppose, but an older friend of mine raised in Detroit Catholic schools back in the 30s looks back to those nuns with great affection. At least he knew they cared about him.

    • midwestlady

      It’s tempting to make a smart-a$$ remark here, but I won’t. I had nuns for teachers when I was a kid and never got hit with a ruler, but I can’t think why. I was an unholy terror. My non-Catholic parents put me into Catholic school to straighten me out, and you can see what that did. I’m still a terror but I’m a Catholic one now. :)