I will be on HuffPo today

This should be interesting. :)

They want to have a live web video discussion today at 12:30 Eastern on HuffPost Live on “Has the time come to end priestly celibacy?”

This will afford you a rare glimpe into the interior of the Dark Tower as well as an even rarer glimpse into my sartorial choices as I sit here on my dark throne spinning webs of intrigue and offering my weird excuses for the sick and twisted world of priestly virginity and other things foreign to the postmodern American Millennial Mind of the Bicoastal Media.

Now: Shall I wear the full spiked battle armor or the Ming the Merciless black cape with high collar?  Decisions, decisions. No Ring, of course. I need to remain visible for the webcam.

See you at 12:30 Eastern!

"Connecting the Dots" is coming up at 5 PM Eastern
The Benefits of Belief
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We're Off...
  • Ed the Roman

    My Lord, surely you recall that when You wear the RIng, you remain visible:


    • DTMcCameron

      May he’s invisible under the uninvisibleable armor?

      • Brian

        Those who are able to master the ring (Such as the Dark Lord, Gandalf, etc) , or those who are outside its field of influence (Tom Bombadil, in the only instance we see mentioned in the books) are not necessarily made invisible by it, which is merely one of its minor powers.

  • Stu

    I’ll be hot stand-by with the egress team in case it goes wrong.

    Code word will be “Hello Kitty.”

  • http://www.chesterton.org Sean P. Dailey

    I’d take Stu up on his offer if I were you, Mark. He’s an expert in black ops work.

    • Stu

      No one can beat my albino monks.

      • Dan

        No one can beat my albino monks… unless they want to be beaten.

      • http://www.chesterton.org Sean P. Dailey

        I beat them and made my escape a year ago. It can be done.

  • Elias Crim

    You might open by cheerfully remarking that according to the papers, priestly celibacy has pretty much already ended, huh? On second thought,…

  • http://www.aquinasandmore.com Ian

    I want to see how many times they ask if Mark has stopped beating his wife before he goes Inquisition on them.

  • SpasticHedgehog

    Ask them if they are willing to tithe to pay for it.

  • Heather Price

    Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. ;)
    Go, Mark, go!

  • http://peace Puck

    Remember this – if priests remained true to their vow of celibacy, then their sexual orientation would be irrelevant. It is the most tolerant and inclusive of all doctrines.

  • Terence M. Stanton


    … and there’s always the inevitable look of bewilderment when the secular media discovers that some priests are, in fact, married. They should have invite one on, too. That might require a bit of… y’know… “research”.

  • enness

    This I have to see.

  • Stu

    BTW, you should wear your t-shirt with the three wolves howling at the moon.

    • Chris M

      “Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.”

      That’s what just happened to my brain when I tried to imagine that.

      • Stu

        It’s life changing.

  • http://www.parafool.com victor

    Best of luck!!! In case things get really out of hand, remember this timeless comeback: “Well, the Jerk Store called, and they’re running out of you!”

  • http://a-star-of-hope.blogspot.com JoAnna

    You are either extremely brave or a glutton for punishment. Maybe both. :)

    Regardless, good luck!

    • Mark Shea

      Just stupid.

  • http://www.HundredsOfCustomers.com Get More Customers

    Bonne Chance, mon ami! Give ‘em heck!

  • http://www.HundredsOfCustomers.com Get More Customers

    (And don’t forget to twirl your mustache and cackle a bit too…)

  • http://www.parafool.com victor

    “The celibacy pledge required of Roman Catholic clergy runs counter to human nature and has contributed to a priest shortage. Is it time to end the 900-year tradition?”

    It’s nice to see that the Puffington Host is coming into this with an open mind (as if anyone there has any inkling about what human nature really is). But seriously, they invited “Father” Cutie?

    • thomas tucker

      Of course, logic requires one to ask, if it’s been a tradition for 900 years, and we just now have a priest shortage, maybe it’s something else major that’s contributing to the priest shortage?
      btw, I heard someone lst week say that priests should be allowed to marry so they won’t be lonely. I thought about how many married people I have known who were lonely nonetheless, and how there’s nothing lonelier than being lonely in a marriage.

  • Harpy

    It will be interesting to see if they give any equitable air time to those who disagree with their presumptions.

  • http://www.parafool.com victor

    Mark and Fr. Sullins are doing a good job, but the other contributors remind me of a bunch of undergraduates talking in a student union about Sex n’ Religion n’ Stuff. No appreciation for history, no critical reasoning skills, and no basic understanding of religion and humanity.

    “Father” Cutie did the Church no small favor when he left.

  • John Drake

    Good grief, why can’t the moderator speak in clear sentences?

  • http://www.parafool.com victor

    Jamie L. Manson: More Catholic Than The Apostle Paul.

  • Stu

    Cutie was completely self-serving and Manson off in schismatic land. Both to be expected.

  • enness

    Hill came informed and asked good questions, I thought. Very interesting.

  • enness

    Oh yeah, and Cutie’s argument seemed basically that their tender feelings are chafed.

  • http://www.parafool.com victor

    Yep. Mark killed it and I’m definitely buying Fr. Sullins’ book when it comes out. I couldn’t stand to read the comments from the Twit gallery on the right, though. People are idiots.

    Great job, Mark!

  • Stu

    My favorite two moments were Father Cutie’s supposed distinctions between a vow and promise which was summarily dismissed by the host and Jamie Manson’s assertion that because lifespans are getting longer, celibacy is no longer realistic.

    BTW, I should say something positive.

    Mark, great job trying to steer the group into reason with some actual points. Pity you didn’t get longer air time. BTW, don’t look at yourself next time on the screen. I think it was tripping you up a bit in the beginning. Otherwise, good show.

    And you should have worn the shirt with wolves on it. That would have ended all debate right there.

    • http://www.parafool.com victor

      I agree, the wolf shirt and then maybe wearing an XBox Live headset while drinking a Mountain Dew (instead of holding the cordless phone) would have really sold it.

      • Stu

        I was also disappointed as I was under the impression that this was a warm-up for discussion Catholic Trekkers. I was typecasting Jamie Manson as one of “Mudd’s Women.”

        • http://www.parafool.com victor

          No! Bad! So much bitterness in a short, blue lame dress! Can’t unsee mental picture!!!

          BTW, if there’s any interest, I’ll add a Catholic Trekkers BBS to the Roman Catholic User’s Group site.

  • http://pavelspoetry.com Pavel Chichikov

    I’ve been trying to defend the Faith on one site or another for a few years now.

    Borrow a thick skin from your favorite crocodile.

  • http://pavelspoetry.com Pavel Chichikov

    BTW, sometimes I could use some company. Where are all you guys – hanging out where almost everyone agrees with you?

    • http://www.parafool.com victor

      Crocodiles of a feather!

    • http://www.chesterton.org Sean P. Dailey

      Where are you hanging out?

    • enness

      I’ve been all over the HuffPo blogs comment section the last 36 hours or so. I go by a different, more caffeinated moniker there.

      • DTMcCameron

        That’s a tad bit like preaching to the lions, no? ‘m not saying it hasn’t or couldn’t work…