It’s like there’s a macro for these pieces on MSM computers

Just hit the button and all the usual tropes spill out without a movement of the gray matter.

Stephen Hawking and the Media Rolodex
Salon's Shattering Exposé on Suppressed Christian History
NY Times writer indulges in some major projection
Not-at-All-Cliched Reporting from TIME
  • SouthCoast

    Read it. Now I need a strong anodyne for the pain of banging my head on the keyboard.

  • Kelly Franklin

    Did you notice the comment in the article’s combox proselytizing for Anglicanism? It’s quite interesting. The basic marketing message is: “Anglicanism is a Bible-Christian version of Catholicism without the Papacy or pedophilia.”

    Reminds me of David Mitchell’s hilarious soapbox rant about marketing: “Pandas! It’s a penguiny bear” and “Cats! It’s the new selfish dog!”

    Always worth a watch:

    • Dustin

      No paedos in the CofE? Generations of choirboys will be surprised to learn this!

  • Alister

    I thought that the whole “celibacy turns priests into pedophiles” trope was knocked on the head years ago? Even my rabid-atheist friends have given up on that one.

  • Lisa Nicholas, Ph. D.

    Ah, yes, the theological virtues: Faith, Guilt, and Charity. Increase in us, O Lord, we beseech Thee, the virtue of Guilt …

  • MasterThief

    Guilt is a strong tenet of the Catholic faith

    No, what he’s thinking of is scrupulosity. Which is not a tenet of the faith, but can be a negative side effect of Catholic parenting.

  • Steve S

    Lisa and MasterThief already beat me to it, but I don’t ever remember reading “I give you a new commandment: make each other feel guilty. As I have made you feel guilty, so you must guilt one another.” Or perhaps: “These three remain: faith, guilt, and charity.”

    Lord, have mercy! This is Catholicism with all of the Bad News of Original Sin and not a shred of the Good News of the Gospel. It is obvious that Luke Russert has been poorly catechized, but I think he is sincere. I hope (remember that, Luke?) that he will be properly catechized so that he will stop repeating the same bogus tropes, but more importantly so that he might share in the joy of Easter that we are preparing to celebrate.

  • John

    I don’t really see the point in linking to these kind of articles. They are not enlightening in the least, and linking just gives them more hits. These hits will just serve to encourage similar articles. I suppose they could be useful as a kind of mortification. As a lenten sacrifice, I will read this article every day!

  • BobRN

    It never ceases to amaze me that those in the media, who report every whisper of every bishop or pope on matters of sexual ethics and faithfully ignore everything the Church does for the poor, blast the Church for focusing on sex rather than on the poor!