John Zmirak Kills Me Sometimes (Warning: Contains Naughty Word)

Sez he on his Facebook page: NY Times: “Despite Calls for Change, Bears Continue to Shit in the Woods.”

Bwahahahahahaha! Also very funny, in that provincial way that New York’s local paper specializes in, is this quickie summary of the article:

He vigorously backs Vatican positions on abortion, gay marriage, the ordination of women and other leading issues of the day..

I love it that for the NY Times the entire universe of discourse runs the gamut from sex to sex to gender–oh, and something something poor people, something something worship of God… aw hell, just call that other crap “other leading issues”. Now. about sex

MSM stands for Monomaniacal Slipshod Media.

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  • Will

    “Desmond Morris says the Lepchas are obsessed with sex. (The Lepchas say Desmond Morris is obsessed with sex.)” — John Sack, REPORT FROM PRACTICALLY NOWHERE

  • Ellen

    New Pope elected, women and minorities hardest hit. That’s the template folks.

  • Beccolina

    That excerpt from the NY Times really highlights how our media is at a loss for describing religion. They talk about it in the same terms as political affiliation, or even sports team preference, with no concept of accepting and living a creed or following a faith even when it is difficult.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)


  • Joseph

    Yes. My litmus test for a priest or bishop: if the media can’t put a completely positive article together while resisting the urge to slip in a few personal jabs, then it’s a good priest or bishop. Very familiar to how Pope Benedict was instantly linked to Hitler early on. So this is a good sign.

  • James Stagg

    I laughed uproariously!