“Kauft nicht bei Mormon!”

For those of you who enjoy Sci Fi and Fantasy, one of the more prominent names in the field is Orson Scott Card.  His novel Ender’s Game is a classic and he has written a boatload of other tales.  He has managed to do something rare: carve out a living as a writer.  This is, as guys like John C. Wright of Mike Flynn will tell you, no mean feat since both John and Mike have other sources of income beyond the scifi fantasy gigs.  Writing is hard, time-intensive work and writers are particularly vulnerable when pressure groups  and brownshirts organize pogroms and 15 Minute Hates against them.

Card is currently the object of a pogrom from the Gay Legion of Menacing Visigoths for Tolerance.  It turns out  he’s Mormon and really believes the Mormon teaching that homosexual acts are sinful.  For this thoughtcrime the GLMVT activists promoted an online petition demanding his firing from an upcoming Superman comic anthology. DC Comics, to their shame, confirmed that Card’s portion of the project has been shelved indefinitely.  Mind you, Card was not going to be telling some story dealing with gay themes or talking about his views on the matter.  He was fired simply and solely because of his thoughtcrime of believing homosex to be immoral.

I think smashing somebody’s livelihood for the thoughtcrime of disapproving of homosex is–while extremely typical of the behavior of an awful lot of the gay community and very popular with our Manufacturers of Culture–still wrong and should be opposed.  “First they came for the Mormons” and all that.

So: if you care about not living in a country that does not inflict draconian penalties on people for regarding homosex as a sin, please consider  signing this petition asking DC comics not to go along with the brownshirt blacklist:


Oh, and here is a link to Orson Scott Card’s books on Amazon.  Buy some.  Resist!

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