Keep These People in Mind…

The next time the NY Times does a poll on the disconnect between the Church and “the people” or the WaPo informs you on What Youth Want the Church to Do.


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  • Joe

    Is that even real?

  • Ken Crawford

    Oh is that funny and cringe-worthy.

    The real lesson to be learned by this is not how ignorant the public is (which might still be true), but a reporter standing out there long enough can find people to say anything. In this case they did it to find people saying ridiculous things, but most of the time they do it as an artificial way to buoy their opinion, to make it look like the public feels the same way. Sadly it has the desired affect they want, when in fact it is meaningless and merely a matter of waiting long enough to find someone who says what the reporter wants them to say.

  • Maolsheachlann O Ceallaigh

    Oh come on, they’re playing along. Especially the guy who said the Pope shouldn’t stay one religion. Look at the smirk on his face.

  • Lawrence King

    I agree with Maolsheachlann. Jay Leno’s “Streetwalking” started a decade ago and everyone in L.A. knows the gag. When they stick cameras in your face and ask you a ridiculous question, a “dumb blonde” answer might get you on television. The results are what you would expect.