More Promising Signs the Media May Be Raising Their Catholic IQ

First, NBC hires Fr. Barron as a resource for the conclave (and, one hopes, beyond).

Now HuffPo, after a remarkably balanced attempt to talk about celibacy that included both me and Fr. Sullins on the panel to give the Church’s actual theology of virginity, now is having my friend, the formidable Dr. Pia de Solenni on at 11 AM Eastern today for a similar panel discussion on “The Church Youth Want”. Don’t have an exact link, but if you go to this link and snoop around close to air time, you should find it scheduled.

Just to give you a sense of Pia, here she is:

Catholics Rally Around Abp. Cordileone
Congratulations to John C. Wright and Mike Flynn...
Jean Vanier wins Templeton Prize
Gay Woman Donates $20 to Pizzeria
  • JoFro

    I’m shocked….I guess even they got tired of preaching to the own choirs!

  • Amy

    Great message! The Holy Spirit is at work!

  • Neal

    Secularism has hit a brick wall and has nothing to offer. It will crumble quickly, and protestantism will fall along with it.

    • Brian Niemeier

      You’re probably right, but secularism is so pervasive that when it goes down it will take a lot of innocent folks with it.

      Also, “protestantism” is a broad term. The mainline churches might be cowed thralls to the establishment, but there are plenty of protestants who are fighting alongside the Catholic Church on many fronts.

  • Stu

    Dr. Solenni did a fine job.

    But Chris Stefanick was outstanding.

  • Tom

    Great choices, but the MSM is in trouble now.

  • Lawrence

    I don’t expect this to last

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Even though they would never admit it, everyone in the world knows there is only one Church. When the Southern Baptists convene, it might warrant a paragraph on page 8. When the Archbishop of Canterbury does something, it might make the news cycle for a day. But the issue of the next Pope has dominated world media for weeks.