Now *This* is how a Traditionalist Welcomes Our New Pope

Fr. Z offers a lovely account of the election of Pope Francis that is filled with love and joy. Delightful. Well done, Fr. Z!

Extra added bonus Way to Go awesomeness points to Fr. Z for this follow up.

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  • Rae StabOsz

    Oh thank goodness! When my sister told me late yesterday that Fr Z’s blog still had the “vacant seat” sign up and he hadn’t posted anything yet, I grew worried. I said a quick prayer that he hadn’t gone off the deep end. Hey, stranger things have happened.

    Yay for Fr Z!

  • vox borealis
  • freddy

    Anyone who reads Fr. Z. regularly would not be surprised at his reaction.

    As a member of an FSSP staffed parish, I guess I might be called a traditionalist as well, though the label I prefer is “Catholic.” My reaction mirrors Fr. Z. While certainly knowing less about our new pope than the good father, I had tears of joy at his beautiful greeting and blessing. And taking the name “Francis” is just so exciting! St. Francis Xavier (watch out, China!), St. Francis of Assisi, (rebuild My Church!) and St. Francis de Sales (holiness for the common man!) are such fantastic patrons. May God continue to grant Pope Francis the zeal, humility and wisdom of the great Saints of that name.

    • pittsburgh mama

      Well, it seems like some of his regular commenters have gotten themselves into a tizzy. But his later post (linked by vox borealis) really heartened me too. I like to read Fr. Z and have learned a lot about the liturgy from reading him, but so many of the folks in his comboxes are just cah-razy (and seem to think he shares their views).

      • Stu

        Define “so many.” I think if you took the extremists that post on RC and those that show up in the commboxes at Father Z”s blog, you couldn’t even fill up a church.

        • pittsburgh mama

          You are probably right, and now that Fr. Z is back it seems like he is filtering out the crazy pretty well. But it was getting overwhelming on a few posts (that said, it was the same few people over and over and over again. Because everyone knows if you yell the loudest and the most, you win.) On most posts it’s usually no more than one or two (the ones that get a lot of comments, anyway), and in those cases my annoyance probably triples my estimation of the number of crazy folks. I could just not read the comboxes, but I’m a glutton for punishment. :)

  • Sam Schmitt

    Another good traditional blog:

  • Arnobius of Sicca

    I saw your headline on the RSS feed and immediately thought some radical traditionalist had posted something incredibly offensive. I was relieved to discover that it was a reference to Fr. Z’s well written and touching column.

  • Dominic

    I love Fr. Z’s blog and this blog. I am a regular reader of both, although I don’t tend to comment much. I wanted to express thanks for the post and the follow up! : )

  • Escalona

    For these two posts, Fr. Z is a hero. They are a work of great mercy.

  • LaurenE

    I was just told by a traddie, “So many have personally invested in this Pope already, seemingly just because he is the current pope. It’s like papolatry. Yes, the Holy Spirit moves in the conclave, but that doesn’t mean the cardinals listen. All we’ve got from the Holy Spirit for sure is that the pope won’t err when speaking on faith and morals, a pretty low bar.”

    • Mark Shea

      Rad Trads, always vigilant against the mortal sins of faith, hope, and charity. God forbid people should like the guy or admire something about him.

  • LaurenE

    Quite so. Although my personal favorite was the part about the “low bar”. I’m considering pasting that over the picture of the then-cardinal kissing the feet of AIDS patients and babies.

  • Guest

    Fr. Z doesnt lump people who have concerns with Obama and children watching Harry Potter with holocaust deniers like Shea does. Shea is a purist when it come to lying, but when it come to being charitable…not so much.