Obama adds lies to murder

Licking his wounds inflicted by Rand Paul’s filibuster and using his tried and true “Blame Bush” strategy, Obama is now attempting to divert attention from his despicable and despotic “secret murder by drone” policy by the tried and true method of pointing fingers at Cheney:

President Barack Obama’s defense to Democratic senators complaining about how little his administration has told Congress about the legal justifications for his drone policy: Dick Cheney was worse.

You will get no argument from me that Dick Cheney is a stain on our nation: a draft-dodging, lying, cowardly cynic who used his office to enrich himself, who dragged the US into a foolish and criminal war, and who was the engine behind turning America into a torture state, and his party into a collection of cowardly consequentialist chickenhawks bent on making excuses for him. He should be in prison.

Only, here’s the thing: as awful a human being as Cheney is, he never made it policy that the President of the United States could–on his secret, unaccountable and unilateral will–murder anybody he pleases without evidence, arrest, trial, judge or jury. It was for Obama to take that step.

So in addition to being a tyrannical murderer (and yes, the murder of a 16 year old boy was murder, as has been the murder of guests at weddings and funerals), the President is an even greater liar than Cheney who, for all his crimes, never took that step. Any Democrat who falls for that lie is either a fool or a liar himself. If the Dems had any guts at all they would boo such bare-faced lies down like members of the House of Commons shouting “Shame!”

But, like most of the GOP members of the state, they don’t much care about the state assuming such tyrannical power over it subjects–because they hope to weild that power. Obama should also be in prison for his assault on the Constitution–and for murder.

To all you silent or excuse-making Dems:  Be ashamed.

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