One of the Things I Don’t Get…

are people like Bill Maher going on about the evils of vaccination. Behold.

Seems like a huge gift to the human race to me.

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  • introvert_prof

    A very late comment — but chicken pox is NOT trivial if you get it as an adult. I did, after being exposed to a child with the disease. I came out the other side OK, since I was basically healthy otherwise, but I ran a dangerous fever for two days and was contagious and ridiculously itchy, with open sores including on the mucous membranes in my throat, for more than a week.

    My three-year-old daughter got it from me. She had a mild fever for a day and a mild rash for about three days.

    Vaccinations are to protect the vaccinated, but also for the protection of those around them.