“Seriously, it’s Jorge Bergoglio, I’m calling you from Rome”

Neighborhood newspaper vendor gets an unexpected phone call from a customer asking him to cancel delivery on the paper since the customer had to move unexpectedly.

I love this guy!

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  • Subsistent

    Beautifully hilarious! Hilariously beautiful!
    Somehow I’m reminded of this aphorism of Jacques Maritain’s: “What is most precious and most divine is hidden beneath what seems most commonplace.”

  • rd

    Rome Reports also says that he called his dentist too, to cancel appointments. :)

  • Brian

    What an inspiration. Many time during my 20 year Air Force career, I would come across colonels and generals who I wondered how they survived being a captain. In other words, how did someone who relied on aides so heavily succeed, as they must have to get to their current rank, when they were at a rank where they had no chance of having such an assistant. His example in these matters should be a great witness to all, Catholic or not.

    OBTW, when Benedict XVI was still a cardinal, many stories like this were around and he was found to be very accessible (though, as Michael Voris points out in the other video, many are trying to cloud that reality). The amazing continuity of the Church through different styles of popes gives us hope that our own style is pleasing to God.

    The wonderful thing that has bound all of the popes in my lifetime (PVI, JPI, BJPII & BXVI) is that they have all found ways to keep us appropriately uncomfortable. Pope Francis seems like he will be very able to do so as well.

    May God keep him safe and may he continue to be an example for us.

    • Michelle

      Regarding Benedict, I read years ago that when he went back to his cardinal apartment after his election to pick up personal belongings, he made a point of going around the building to find the nuns who cared for the resident cardinals’ households to thank them for their care for him over the years.

  • agnosticjohn

    My goodness it’s like you guys have never had a humble Pope before! LOL.

    For some reason I could just imagine the conversation going something like this:

    Pope Francis: “I would like to make a few long distance calls to cancel my paper subscription and dental appointments”

    Vatican Staff: “um, your Holiness, chances are they know who you are and have already heard the news of your election…. ”

    Pope Francis: “I want to be a man of the people. Such a gesture will convey exactly that. Now please be so kind as to get me the phone….”

    Vatican Staff: “Your Holiness, all this seems a bit unnecessary. To excite these people? To run a long distance bill for something so inane? Are you sure your Holiness?”

    Pope Francis: “Yes, I am sure. And you may notify the press that I did so. Tell them to pray for me!”


    Yes. Such a humble and down to earth act!

    Not affected and self-conscious at all.

    Just four or seven more years of these types of gestures and perhaps we’ll finally get the message that he wants to send us, that, “YES! I am indeed a humble and down to earth man!”

    God love him!

    • Allan

      Wow, did your agnosticism make you so cynical, or did your cynicism make you an agnostic? Either way, a cautionary tale for us all, I guess.

    • Mark Shea

      Wow. Sad.

    • http://janalynmarie.blogspot.com Beadgirl

      Is that how you go through life? Assuming the worst of people?

    • Michelle

      It never occurred to you that a cardinal headed to Rome for a few weeks might carry with him his own cell phone, and when he became pope simply pulled out his cell phone and started dialing?

    • http://chicagoboyz.net TMLutas

      What an interesting scene you’re building of Pope as prisoner of the Vatican. A head of state who cannot command without argument the provision of a simple phone line is not a free man and not truly in charge. Play this scene out for Obama, Putin, Cameron, or Hollande and you will see the ridiculousness of it.

      One of the hopes I have of this Pope is that he will destroy any outsized empires that the curia have built beyond what is right and just. Such battles often start with little things, perhaps, as you speculate, even getting a phone call made.

    • Maiki

      I’m sure the Apostolic palace has a decent long-distance plan. I can manage to call my boyfriend and my family over continents on a frequent basis without spending much, and I have a prepaid dumb phone.

      Seriously, when I learned Pope Benedict liked beer and had cats and played Mozart, I was touched by his humanity, too. Let us enjoy these silly “just became Pope” stories for Pope Francis, too. You get to know and love people this way.

    • Claude

      From a fellow atheist/agnostic, what?! Pope Francis is reported to have had modest habits for decades before becoming pontiff. I think it’s all very becoming for a leader of Christians., and thus far there seems no reason to doubt the man’s integrity.

      • Mark Shea

        Well done, Claude.

    • The True Will

      When someone irritates me, I often find it helpful to ask “What would I be feeling if he had done the opposite?”

      So, if Francis had done the opposite, would you sneer at him for that too?

  • http://chicagoboyz.net TMLutas

    I suspect that there is more going on behind the scenes. From a power perspective a Pope who calls his paper seller and his dentist personally is a Pope who might call anybody personally and without warning. That is a message that you all seem to be missing and it is a subtext that the politicians in the curia will grasp right away.

    But yes, also a humble man. Why can’t he do a two-fer? As Pope, it’s practically a job requirement.

    • Heather Price

      TMLutas, I like the way you think. Both the good and the bad will both be thinking of such surprise phone calls, “I didn’t deserve that! No, really, I didn’t!”