Sober Realism

It turns out the US has an “infinite amount of money“, but also that we, who have about 135-145 million workers stand to lose “170 million jobs“. Oh, and a man who has authorized himself to order the murder of anybody on planet earth he chooses–in secret and with zero accountability–is not a dictator or anything.

Our Ruling Class is demented. And we are demented for electing and trusting them.

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  • victor

    You lost me at “sober”.

  • Peggy R

    Barry should keep saying “I am not a dictator.” (He’s said things like this before.) It’ll be like Nixon’s “I am not a crook.” It will start to take hold, the wondering whether he is a dictator. Keep it up Barry.

  • Stu

    If Bloomberg’s point is that the government can create the money supply then that seems correct. At issue I suppose is how the money supply is being created via debt practices.

    • Kristen inDallas

      Had he picked a number, even an outrageous one, sure… we make it up as we go, so why not. But by definition no one can have/lend/borrow/take an infinite amount of anything.
      -Math nerd out

      • Irenist

        (Imagine Dwight Schrute meme image here):

        But by definition no one can have/lend/borrow/take an infinite amount of anything.

        False. The Catholic Church is the recipient of an infinite treasury of merit won by Christ on the Cross. Catechism 1476.

        • Stu

          So much for math.

        • Roberto

          Kristen is referring to material items, such as money, the Catechism refers to spiritual matter. Math does not apply there.

          • Marcel

            I’m not sure today’s money is a material item.

      • RFlaum

        Well…. strictly speaking the federal government can get an arbitrarily large amount of money, in that it can print as much as it needs. Not that that would be a good idea, necessarily, but it is theoretically possible.

    • TMLutas

      Money is a store of value. Past a certain point of printing, fiat money ceases to be such a store. It is only preprinted paper, and valued as such, thus it is not possible to print money in the infinite.

      • RFlaum

        It’s possible. It’s just not a good idea.

  • fats

    Sadly, i think the road to the erosion of our civil rights was paved by Obama’s predecessor, and has been expanded by the current president. This corruption is the fault of both Parties, apparently

    • Mark Shea

      Absolutely correct.

    • Peggy R

      Agreed. Every little thing that we allowed b/c it was “no big deal” or did some good allegedly, has led us to this point.

    • TMLutas

      Yes, though you may wish to push things further back. We have *never* fully supported the civil rights of all of our residents but the 20th century was a bad case of net retrenchment. The US needs to live closer to its ideals on civil rights.

  • fats

    oh, and the real issue is the playing off of one class of people against the other.. haves and have nots

  • Mike

    Didn’t we just go over the snark? LOL, just kidding. Yeah, they are, both parties. They’re playing a game of chicken which in the end won’t hurt anybody but poor people. Hey, guess where all the liquidity is going? New jobs? nope. Crumbling schools and bridges? nope. Paying of the debt? Well no that would be paradoxical. Oh I know, GOLD! What’s the price at today? Forget the American dollar, it’s gold that’s the store of value once again.

    And who screwed things up? Hmmm…who insisted that people without the means to pay for them be given mortgages? I wonder. Money for nothing and your chicks for free. My advice buy homes in good areas and stocks in basics and gold and other precious metals. At the end of all of this it will be poor people who will be left with nothing once again. What’s the point of a good paying job is the money you earn doesn’t buy anything?

  • To America
  • obpoet

    Id say its worse than two parties. Its who we are as a nation.

  • Arkanabar

    I’d say that Zippy’s claim that elections are not about putting in charge those the electorate wants. They are theater meant to reconcile us to what the power elites have decided to do.