The problem with gay “marriage” is simple.

It’s not marriage any more than my relationship with my best friend, my grocer, or my brother is marriage.  You can’t make any relationship you please “marriage” by an act of Congress.  All you do is try to force people who know that it’s not marriage to shut up, knuckle under and be silent about your pretence under threat of punishment.

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  • cajaquarius

    That is because marriage wasn’t about love, it was a contract for creating (as you stated) a family line. You had a duty to your family. God help you if you were a woman and infertile for whatever reason – you were essentially worthless in most of those societies. Unmarketable. Dad couldn’t get rid of you. Trying to compare contemporary marriage to marriages of the past and these appeals to tradition are, frankly ludicrous. Marriages haven’t been set up by fathers for daughters (e.g. the REAL traditional marriage the way God circumscribed) for a long, long time. Heterosexuals opened this can of worms the moment you all began marrying for love instead of solely to make babies and create a lineage for your property to pass down after death.

  • cajaquarius

    What audacity! You have the empathy of a doorknob. Your inability to put yourself in the shoes of other people is blindingly obvious here and your arrogance about being so completely blind to the way others might feel is pretty astonishing, to be honest.

    Did you grow up dreaming of being swept off your feat by that best friend of yours? Perhaps not, but I often found myself cuddling up to mine – at least until it embarrassed him and got me punched when he got made fun of for my affections. Innocent affections as I was just a gentle kid who didn’t really know much better back then.

    Your grocer; do you find yourself fantasizing about meeting someone like him (if he is nice) and taking care of each other as you go through all the little bits of life together? I have been a romantic author and avid lover of such soft things and I have always longed for that. Many heterosexual women will claim to long for much the same from a man.

    I want someone special; not just a friend. Someone to share my life with, in illness, in hardship, in happy times, and in scary times. I always have. I am not obsessed with it, but don’t we all want someone special like that – to find our “special someone” out there?

    I am guessing all those online guides to picking up ladies were written for someone out there in this world. Maybe you are such a stud that you never needed them but there are so many of them that I have to believe that I am not an odd guy in wanting to meet someone special like that. The only odd thing about me – I happen to romantically be attracted to other men instead of women.

    Look, I didn’t want this fight at all. If I did find myself seeing someone, I wouldn’t kiss him in public because I know it bothers some people. I am willing to compromise on things. Even marriage – can we at least get federally recognized civil unions? You can keep the word “marriage” but I want to know that, if my partner dies, I don’t have to worry about his family sweeping in, taking his body, and banning me from attending his funeral. There are so many little things that are made so much harder for people like me that something identical to your marriage license (if not a marriage license itself) would totally fix.

    Is that so unreasonable a request?

    • chezami

      Nobody’s stopping you. It’s just that a homosexual relationship is not a “marriage”. Attempt to force people who know this to pretend that it is are simply exercises in draconian narcissism.

      • cajaquarius

        Actually, nobody is allowing me. There is no federally recognized civil union – it differs from state to state and doesn’t carry all the same benefits and protections of a marriage. I am willing to let you keep the name “marriage” if I can get the same rights that you get to a marriage. If you are convinced that homosexual relationships are so different then so be it – I know some southern baptists down the street who feel the same on interracial marriage. I don’t really care. I am not interested in winning a popularity contest with people who hate me for things I can’t control, I am just interested in protection.