There’s Something about the Combination of Technological Sophistication and Brain-Deadness…

…that is the unique character of our time:

It is, as human sin often is, both heart-breaking and really funny. Scripture and the tradition don’t actually talk all that much about the human faculty for humor. I’m not aware of a Theology of Humor out there. And yet one of the marks of sanctity seems to be the ability to laugh, particularly at one’s self. “Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly” said Chesterton, while Thomas More remarked that “The devil, the proud spirit, cannot endure to be mocked.”

Our deeply sinful culture is more and more obsessed with not feeling “shame” and with “bullying”. In less charitable moments, I find myself wondering how much of that is really concern for the weak and vulnerable (a noble aim) and how much of it is simply a tool used by shameless bullies to silence critics.

Anyway, I liked the video.

HT: Kevin O’Brien.

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  • MikeTheGeek

    People taking themselves too seriously? We live in a society where those in charge offer counseling to grade school students who might have been traumatized by a gun-shaped pop-tart. These are the same people who rail against “bullying.” Perhaps there is a real bullying problem unique to our times, but I have simply become desensitized to such claims since they are generally the twittery equivalent of the cosmic background radiation. I don’t know if “The Boy who Cried Wolf” is still required reading for children, but it should be read aloud by every governing board or committee before their meetings.
    I’ve had to deal with these humorless twits recently where they pulled the “safety of the children” card out of thin air to get what they wanted at county expense. It’s all about control. And, frankly, it is demoralizing. If it ever looks like I’ll have to deal with this sort of thing again, I will probably just pack up and move somewhere with its own potable water supply, defensible perimiters, and a skull on a stick at the front gate.

  • Brian Niemeier

    Since humor lies in recognizing logical contradictions, and because God is omniscient, He may be as amused with human blundering as he is angered by our sins.

  • Ed the Roman

    Had He no sense of humor, He would not have created me.

  • Blog Goliard

    I haven’t been able to figure out myself whether these “anti-bullying” crusades were expressly designed to give bullies new ways of pushing people around, or whether that was just an accidental (if inevitable!) side-effect.

    • pgh mama

      I remember going through anti-bullying training as a teacher and wondering the same thing. Bullying is a really nasty thing in middle and high schools (and I imagine for earlier ages but that’s not my teaching or parental experience yet), but I suspect it was much more a CYA mechanism by schools to say, “But we did something! Look at these trainings!”

      Doesn’t help when a lot of the school bullies have bullies for parents, especially when those parents sit on the school board. Or when some teachers and administrators are bullies themselves.