Total and Utter Mike Flynn Bait

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In general, 56 percent of people like thin-crust pizza more than deep-dish pizza. But among those with a negative first impression of Pope Francis, 73 percent like thin-crust pizza more.

So there you are! That is a statistical fact right there, that is!

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  • chris

    What is wrong with 56% of the population, that they prefer thin crust over deep dish?

    • Dan

      What? Thin crust is superior to deep dish. In terms of taste, if not filling factor.

      • Dan

        Ironically, I’m from Chicago and I like Pope Francis.

  • Irenist

    Off-the-cuff Just-so story: Thin crust is a bigger deal in NYC and the rest of the Northeast, whereas deep dish is associated with Chicago. Acela types who wonder why the Church doesn’t just become Episcopalianism already are more likely to be thin crust eaters, whereas solid Midwestern Catholic ethnics and their Protestant neighbors are more likely both to to eat deep dish, and to be more traditionally Christian.

  • Bob

    Hmm, but here’s the paradox, Irenist.
    Thin crust pizza is real pizza. That is how it was invented (by God, as far as I’m concerned); that is what pizza is. Deep-dish pizza is a big doughy mess that has be coated in spray-can cooking oil (and what exactly is in THAT stuff) before it goes in the oven just so it can scraped out of that bundt pan it’s baked in. Deep-dish “pizza” is like same-sex “marriage.” You can call that abomination anything you want. You can even call it “pizza.”
    But that ain’t pizza, my friends.

  • Bob

    Oh, so the paradox, then, is that deep dish pizza is not remotely orthodox. So I don’t see how it’s a sign of religious orthodoxy. If deep dish were a religion, it would be Unitarian Universalism.

  • Jude K

    Bob, I think I just may love you. And what say you to the “stuffed crust pizza” eaters? Because I am of the “That just ain’t right” ilk.

  • Harpy

    Of course this analysis totally leaves out the difference between crispy thin-crust vs. floppy thin-crust. I feel certain that among those with thin-crust preference, the vast majority of floppy crust lovers are progressive liberal Democrats and hate the church.

  • Tom K.

    I prefer thin crust pizza AND had a positive first impression of Pope Francis. Therefore, their statistics are wrong. QED