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Water is the New Oil
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Godless Amoral Capitalism at its Purest
  • Dave G.

    Though in all honesty, that wage isn’t much worse than you’ll get in most retail. And it’s only somewhat less than jobs that require college degrees. I’m thankful for the job I finally got (whew!). But, in the end, if you walk backwards and consider cost of living, spending power and all that, I”m only getting about what a kid bagging groceries would have been making hourly the year I graduated high school. And I’m in a suit and tie environment.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Wal Mart is Dickensian capitalism.

    Also, another thing to consider: A great many of Wal-Mart’s products are made by what amounts to slave labor. The United States never really ended slavery. We just outsourced it. Out of sight; out of mind.

    Wal Mart’s low rate of pay tells only half the story. I have had family members work for Wal Mart, and they were often forced to work long hours off the clock in order to “serve the team.” Those who refused to “serve the team” by working off the clock soon found their hours cut. Those who complained or reported were “let go” due to “belt tightening.”

  • Obpoet

    Except that union dues go to …….. criminals. So just dont shop there, and dont get a job there. Case closed.

  • Elaine S.

    I understand all the concerns about not paying living wages, buying stuff made by Chinese slave labor, etc. But what about the fact that Wal-Mart makes it possible for a lot of families to have decent clothing, furniture, toys, etc., who otherwise might not have been able to?
    I hate to say this but stores like Wal-Mart are probably a big part of the reason poor/working class kids or kids of unemployed parents don’t have to go to school in clothing made from flour sacks, or with holes in their shoes, etc. like they did back in the Depression days.
    If you’re a good Catholic family that has been “open to life” and has had more than the socially acceptable 2.1 children — particularly if you are raising them on one income with a stay-at-home parent, and possibly homeschooling them or sending them to Catholic school at great expense — I suspect your life would be a lot more materially deprived than it is without places like Wal-Mart (and other discount chains like Dollar General, Costco, etc.) to shop at. I’m not talking about buying superfluous junk like video games, etc., but actual necessities like coats, shoes, school clothes, auto maintenance/repair, etc.

  • ivan_the_mad

    Look at that ridiculous article, quoting Church teaching like it’s authoritative. We all know the social teaching is prudential judgement, unless it’s about birth control and I can cudgel the ritually impure with it. Wait, what do you have – PUT DOWN THAT CATECHISM!!!