As I said before, nothing brings out the Right Wing Police State Neo-Fascist Sycophant

…faster than a little fear:

If anybody poses a danger to the American Way, it is the cowards and demagogues in the FOXNews commentariat. If they got their way, the damage they would do to the United States and its Constitution would dwarf anything done by the Boston Bombers. We’ve survived terrorists, assassins and bomb throwers throughout our history and not shredded the Constitution in panic-driven reaction to them. It is these bed-wetting chickenhawk cowards who threaten to completely undo our Constitution if they can demagogue enough members of the Stupid-American community to shout for their idiotic ideas. Looking for traitors, FOX? Check the mirror. That these jokes actually somehow maintain the title to anything “conservative” is absurd. What are they conserving besides their own precious skins?

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