Clash of the Canonical Titans

Ed Peters responds to some of Pete Vere’s FB comments on the Great Foot-Washing Hysteria that I published here. This is rapidly getting too granular for a schlub like me to follow. But for those who want to get into the question at a molecular level, knock yourself out. Ed and Pete are both good guys. I’m sure they will work through the question rationally.

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  • Ed Peters

    Hi Mark. I’m not a titan and you’re not a schlub. While PV wrote the text I used as a starting point, he is not the only one holding these views and I did not single him out as I am hoping to keep this discussion at the level of principle, not personalities. I mainly write, of course, not to convince my ‘opponents’ but rather to educate my readers. If some are ‘converted’ along the way, fine, but it’s not my goal to changes anyone’s views. I don’t really debate points, and instead stick to providing what I think are informed views about matters over which there is much confusion, give some citations for further study, and let people draw their own conclusions. It’s an approach, I admit, that many people don’t realize, but, well, there it is. Best, edp.

    • Mark Shea

      I was mostly just jokingly referring to the fact that you two guys have forgotten more about canon law than I will ever learn. I don’t really think it’s a fight. I just like Ray Harryhausen references. :)

  • DRH

    Sorry but the Schub battle scene was the worst stop-motion sequence I’ve ever seen.

  • victor

    I agree. An Epic Rap Battle is needed to settle this.

    • Father Maurer

      I second the call for an Epic Rap Battle resolution!

      More seriously, it is wonderful to have such clarity and charitable explanation of canon law. It is about principles and doctrine – its uplifting to see examples of that in the midst of potentially emotional issues!

  • Kevin

    Given Pete’s love of MMA, I prefer a no holds barred match. Pete may seem scrawny but he’s incredibly nimble. ;)

  • Andrew K.

    All this wasted effort on this foot-washing canonical nonsense is one of the many reasons I am grateful to not be Catholic any longer. I stop in from time to time, and Mark Shea’s odious personality is another reason. So glad we are not in the same house, Mark!

    • Mark Shea

      God bless you, Andrew.

    • Bill

      “Thank you God for not making me like this Mark Shea.”

    • Alma Peregrina

      I allways love these “catholic no more” guys.

      «I’m not a catholic anymore because all these discussions are a waste of time.
      So I’ll just waste my time reading blogs about it and leaving comments about it. Oh, why are you not rational like me?»

  • Joannie

    There should be always room for legitimate discussion on this particular issue but one that I hope will eventually stop is the ongoing comparisons between the present Pope Emeritus and the man who has taken his place Pope Francis. Just yesterday for instance the AP reports “Francis takes a hard line on abuse” Well what about Benedict on this issue? Did he not also take a strong hard line on this issue as well? As a matter of fact the Vatican statement said “Pope Francis states that measures that he would continue the line Benedict XVI took on sex-abuse” We know the Mainstream Media is already pitting both of these Popes against each other but the Catholic Media should not follow suit because it plays right into the hands of not just the Media but Church Enemies. We saw this with Cardinal Mahoney a few weeks ago, and we know the big trouble he himself is in.