Do not follow Maria Divine Mercy

She is a false prophet.  Don’t get played.

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  • Anabel

    Dr. Miraville is also a follower of the anonymous visionary ‘ann the lay apostle’. Sr. Briege McKenna and Fr. Kevin Scallon no longer associate with this presumed visionary. How anyone could follow an anonymous visionary is beyond me.

  • Dave

    I am sure Ann is known by her spiritual director. I don’t think Maria Divine Mercy has a spiritual director. That said, there are red flags for both of them. The red flags for MDM, however, are so large one could fly a jumbo jet through them.

  • Ben h

    Why does it always have to be the end of the world? That’s so been done before in just about every fake private revelation. And anyway, why can’t these ‘prophets’ ever predict anything more banal? Shouldn’t they be right about little things before they can be trusted to be correct on big things?

    • Jon W

      Good News, Everyone!

      I have received revelations from on high. From now on my name shall no longer be “Jon W” but “Johannes Sola Gratia.” Here is the first revelation I have received:

      Jesus says, “Be excellent to each other.” Also, sometime in the next 12 months, beware! McDonalds will bring back the McRib, and the Forces of the Media shall be marshaled to tempt you to partake of this wicked and unholy feast. Some even of the Hierarchy will fall. let those of the True Faith hold fast. Do not partake! Our Mother sheds copious tears at the fate of millions of her Children who succumb to eating what no doting mother ever wished upon her child.

      Further revelations to follow.


      Johannes Sola Gratia

      • Mark Shea

        I believe!

      • OL

        I had to share Your Post its SOO FUNNY

    • OL

      Its always The End Of The World or an Elvis Siting

  • Kevin

    Or we could do the sensible traditional thing and just stop following all private revelation, whether good or bad. #justsayin

  • James M

    Was anybody following her to begin with? The first I ever heard of her was at this blog, and I assumed, at first, it was meant to be comedic.

    • dianeski

      Same here. Never hoid uv her.

    • OL

      Never heard of her till I saw a post.

  • kenneth

    You needn’t lose any sleep over “Maria Divine Mercy.” Her day of reckoning is at hand. The drag queen whose stage name she stole is going to come calling, and her “end of days” prophecy will be fulfilled!

  • Sam

    Pius IX in an Allocution of April 9, 1872 said:
    “I do not give much belief to prophecies, because those especially that have come recently do not deserve to be read.” Surely this applies to our time more than ever!

    The Catholic Church is “the pillar and ground of truth.” Those who are obedient to the Church, of whom Jesus- who IS “the Truth” is the Head- will be safe. Outside the ark, error and deception abounds. Unnaproved prophecies are multiplying daily, and Satan has the capacity to produce false miracles. Disobedience, which stems from pride, is the mark of a diabolical deception. ‘Mystics of the Church’ is a good website, and it is run by a faithful Catholic, who provides us with some criteria for discernment.
    For those who follow ANY UNNAPROVED apparition, be cautious and obedient to the Church and Bishop. The following book decisively refutes many common false prophecies (it is the fruit of 23 yrs study and writing): ‘Trial, Tribulation & Triumph: Before, During, and After Antichrist.’
    God bless.

  • Robert

    Ok, may I stand up in defense of Maria Divine Mercy? I have already been trying on another anti MDM web site and can see with all the bullying she is getting here she might like a little help.

    First of all I warn you that you ought to know what you are doing before you criticize something that is claimed to come in the name of God. Have you even read the messages? I don’t mean browsed one or two. In several places the messages warn against people calling them false a form of blasphemy. Have you read and understand those warnings?

    Before I question you or defend these messages I just want to say, after doing this on another web site that my ultimate conclusion and point is that we have the right to accept or deny these messages / prophecies as true. We have however no right to express authority over our opinions. When I argue, and I’m sure I will be soon, you will see that I will speak in a manner of “I believe them”, or “I think they”, and not “they are” or “they are not”. My basic hope is that you will only take that approach.

    If you simply claim you do not believe them I will not bother you. If however you try to make a mockery of them or to become an authority against them I will bother you.

    That is not a threat. It is a soft promise.

    • Jeff In Mn

      With her mid-march posts, she straightforwardly declares the next pope will be a fake and a liar. Those running her website refuse to say who her spiritual advisor is…

      She mingles the truth with heresy.

      • OL

        I like when she says Seat Of Peter LOL!!!

    • OL

      I heard That Maria Divine Mercy is really The Little Pebble, The Guy who was also a FRAUD Like MDM. He is in Prison For Pedophilia and apparently rumor has it that a retired Dentist and The Little Pebble are behind the silly messages. Can anyone answer Why MDMs messages are not only filled with Theological errors, but also contain numerous Grammatical errors. sounds to me like The other fake lady who had so many Grammatical errors.

  • Robert

    I see to the right a link to Michael Voris’s church mil org attacking Pope Francis with 9000 views. You do realize that the MDM messages have been warning that we can’t trust this pope right?

  • Paul

    Maria Divine Mercy prophecy is amazing. Our generation are living in the times foretold in Holy Scripture. The most obvious signs that the prophecies are true is the vitriolic attacks made against her from within and without the church. People… open your hearts to the truth of God the Most High and Jesus Christ Our Lord. Dust off your bibles and read Daniel, Isaiah, Matthew, Revelation and know that we are all living in those days. It’ll become a shock soon as the prophecies continue to unfold. Many good bishops and priests are in denial. The true catholic church will soon be ‘underground’. Christ was treated the same way in His time and Jesus said “when I return in glory will I find faith on earth ?” You answer that….

  • Alex Lim

    Only one who is an ignoramus of Catholic Catechism and about the indefectibility of the Church will even bother with the BS of this discredited false seer who hides behind anonymity preferring to mock the dignity of the Divine Mercy name of St. Faustina Only the devil hides. Anyone that claims the Pope Francis is the false prophet has made Jesus Christ a liar when he said “the gates of hell will not prevail” in His Church. Check this out