Facebook Explained

♠ ♥ JD ♣ ♦</p><p> -Thanks, John!

That about covers it.

  • Dan

    … Add in a few college references and panicked questions and you just described my facebook feed…

    • Dan

      Add in a few rather depressing stories from our loved modern culture and some stuff sourced from NCRegister as well…

  • Rebekka

    And lots of pictures of people’s kids.

    • Psy

      That’s what my Facebook looks like, nieces, nephews, cousins. grandkids, dogs, cats, horses and goldfish, its rare that someone posts anything religious or political.

  • Tim in Cleveland

    Facebook? Is that like google+?

  • Sam Schmitt

    . . and minus the “homophobia is bad” and that thingy about puppies and you have this blog :)

  • Martin

    You forgot, ” pass this on or God will kill you. “

    • Christina

      haha – so true, but it should be “pass on this [cliche statement or silly prayer about how God loves you just the way you are (see flowers)] or God will kill you.”

  • bob

    I would add that the final item will include tiresome gigling by the septugenarian on same sex topics.