Gay Brownshirts on the March!

A couple of gay students at GWU cannot live in a world where absolutely everybody does not Affirm Them in Their Precious Feelings.  So they are organizing a pogrom to get him fire for Thoughtcrime. Tolerance is not enough.  You. MUST. Approve!

But gay “marriage” isn’t going to be used as a legal platform to punish Christians for their beliefs about sexual morality or anything.

UPDATE: Dawn Eden writes:

Regarding the story now headlined at New Advent about an effort to oust George Washington University Catholic chaplain Father Greg Shaffer for upholding Catholic teaching on homosexuality: The student who is spearheading the effort is a priest in the schismatic North American Old Catholic Church.

I live in the same parish as the GW Newman Center and have been there many times, including today, and have spoken there. Father Greg has done phenomenal work there, including starting long hours of daily Eucharistic adoration. Numerous vocations have come from that Newman Center during the short time he’s been there, and dozens of students turn up for daily Mass. What is being done to him is outrageous.

More info on Father Greg’s persecution via the GW Hatchet.

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  • Michaelus

    The Yahoo news article leaves out the fact that Damien Legacy is not a Roman Catholic and has announced that he is an “ordained priest” of something called the “Old Catholic Church”, that he founded a homosexual advocacy group and that his friend Mr. Bergen describes himself as an agnostic Jew:

  • Bryan

    I hate this kind of crap too, Mark. But I thought you’d sort of agreed with Ms. Libresco to abandon the “brownshirts” terminology for this sort of thing. If not, I apologize.

    • Theodore Seeber

      In this case, the crime is so outrageous as to be worthy of the title.

  • Heather Price

    Catholic priest found to affirm Catholic teaching.
    Gays angry about it.
    Water found to be wet.
    As I sinfully snarled snarkily at someone on this topic, “Go be Episcopalian, then!”

    • Margaret

      “Legacy and Bergen say they are primarily upset about the counseling Shaffer offers. They say he urges students who have homosexual feelings to lead a life of celibacy.”
      Oh, the humanity!
      Is there an emoticon to depict eye-rolling?

  • brian_in_brooklyn

    As much as I dislike the intolerant attitude of these two students, this is a complaint made by individuals; GWU has taken no action.

    You’re tarring all Gay people with the same intolerant attitude and you’re conflating individuals at a private institution with the supposed possibility of legal actions against Christians.

    • Mark Shea

      No. I am tarring intolerant fascistic people as intolerant and fascistic. I said nothing whatever about the institution backing them. I’m pointing to the bleedin’ obvious fact that lots of other fascists are going to attempt exactly the same thing when they have the might of the state at their back. I’m not saying all gay people are fascistic.

      • Benjamin

        How many Catholic Churches in, say, Spain have been forced to perform gay marriages, Mark?

        • Jared

          So attempting to get a man fired for being Catholic is okay as long as he isn’t forced to bless a homosexual union?

        • Leslie Fain
          • Benjamin

            That only applies to the Church of Denmark, a state-run institution.

        • Mike

          Well in Canada you can be fired just for saying you think it’s wrong for the state to redefine marriage. You can also have your free speech wall at a Univ. attacked and torn down because someone wrote traditional family is awesome on it. You can be fined and arrested for saying homosex is wrong in public. People just keep their mouths shut and their heads down.

        • Theodore Seeber

          Maybe not in Spain, but in Canada there have been several local HRC rulings against Catholic Churches for not performing gay weddings.

      • brian_in_brooklyn

        So, Gay people can be intolerant and fascistic …and rude, badly groomed, and have horrible table manners, too! Where’s the news in that? Catholics can be intolerant and fascistic too, but you’ll never right “Catholic Brownshirts on the March,” …and it would be unfair if you did, because you would be tarring the group because of the actions of a radical few.

        And despite your snark, you know that marriage equality in Iowa, New York, Massachusetts, etc. has NOT been ” …used as a legal platform to punish Christians for their beliefs about sexual morality or anything.”

        • Irenist

          you’ll never right “Catholic Brownshirts on the March,”

          Maybe if I was captioning a photo of a military parade in Bavaria in the 1930’s….

          And despite your snark, you know that marriage equality in Iowa, New York, Massachusetts, etc. has NOT been ” …used as a legal platform to punish Christians for their beliefs about sexual morality or anything.”

          That is false. Wedding photographers, bakers, hoteliers, venue landlords, and others who have pleaded Christian conscientious objection to material cooperation with same-sex weddings have been targeted by lawsuits accusing them of violating plaintiffs’ civil rights by refusing to provide public accommodation to them as customers. Similarly, Catholic adoption services in, e.g., Massachusetts, have been mandated to place children with same-sex couples, which has forced their shutdown, since compliance with the mandate would be sinful. Catholics shouldn’t strawman the arguments of “marriage equality” advocates, but they shouldn’t strawman us, either. Play the ball, not the man.

      • Irenist

        Mark, this heretical brat is clearly a bully with a serious sense of entitlement. But his religious intolerance doesn’t, AFAIK, lead him to endorse military dictatorship, economic centralization, ethnic nationalism, etc. Not a “fascist.” Just a jerk.

  • Benjamin

    Two thoughts here:

    1) Why would an openly and active gay man want to be involved with the Catholic Church? It’s like a Jew complaining he can’t join the Nazi Party.

    2) Why is university funding going to religious groups? GW is not a religious university and as such should not be funding religious groups, regardless of their feelings on homosexuality.

    • Jared

      Did you really just compare us to the nazis? -_-

      • Benjamin

        No, what I am saying is that wanting to join a group that has, as one of its central beliefs, that discrimination against a group you belong to is OK is absurd.

        • Jared

          It’s not discrimination, Ben

        • Jon W


          You’ve got to understand what Christianity is about. It’s about Jesus Christ, God-with-us. There are plenty of people who are genuinely devoted to Christ and who want to be in the church he founded who nonetheless disagree with some of her teachings. I don’t think their position is all that coherent, but it is understandable once you realize how centrally important Jesus Christ – his life, death, resurrection, and ascension – really is.

        • Cinlef

          Even if one were to grant the arguable premise that Catholicism discriminates against homosexuals it’s worth noting that Nazi’s didn’t just discriminate against Jews, they murdered millions of them systematically, which is why your comparison is hyperbole at it’s worst

          • Theodore Seeber

            After how certain members of the gay agenda have acted in the gay marriage debate, I have NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that a certain element in their midst would love to send heterosexuals to the gas chamber en masse.

      • Irenist

        Did you really just compare us to the nazis?

        Well, given the title of the post, we Godwinned his side first.

    • Tim in Cleveland

      As to thought number 2, I’m not aware of any absolute prohibition on public schools funding religious groups, so long as it’s not favoring one religion (i.e. it funds multiple groups of diverse religions or no religion at all).

      • Benjamin

        I am not saying there is a prohibition (GW is private it can do what it wants) I just think it would be wise to have one so these sorts of things don’t happen.

        • ivan_the_mad

          It’s not wise because it’s tantamount to religious discrimination. These sorts of things happen because people go looking to make trouble for others. Punish that sort of activity, not the groups which are its target.

  • Ed Mechmann

    Irony alert — this takes place at a campus named for George Washington, who strongly defended religious freedom. Of course, ideologues are immune to irony, particularly their own.

  • Me

    … get him fireD …

  • Meli

    Benjamin, you can’t compare Spain in this instance for two reasons. 1- the law was changed quickly and without the vitriolic debate we have here. i.e. one side was never compared to the racists who were against interracial marriage. 2- Catholicism is the state religion.
    Where you could compare the Spanish experience however is in the lead up to the Civil War. First, there were years of spiteful name calling and accusations, particularly against the Church. Then came the outright bullying of priests. Persecution, once it began, was swift and furious.
    I hope it doesn’t happen here, but lets not pretend it can’t.

  • TheElic95

    Is anyone else caught up on the fact that this boy wanted to be a priest and was shocked when the chaplin said he couldnt do that and have a sexual relationship? He was angry not only because of our belief in the fact that he would have to be celibate because the homosexual act was wrong, but because he had to be celebate in general.

    • Theodore Seeber

      Remind you of somebody else on the heterosexual side who lived ~500 years ago in Germany?

  • Elizabeth Scalia

    Mark, I thought you didn’t want to use “brownshirts” any more?

    Btw, more on the story, here:

  • Elizabeth Scalia

    okay never mind I see both your response in links above. Over and out.

  • Mike

    These people are fascists. They threaten everybody not just Catholics.

  • Nick

    I know Fr. Greg and he is a rock solid priest with a great devotion to the Euscharist. If any man can withstand the slings and arrows, it’s Fr. Greg. Still, I will keep him in my prayers.

    • Tom K.

      It’s hard to believe anybody who knew him at all would tell him they’re in a sexual relationship outside marriage and expect his support.

      It’s also hard to believe they could only find 12 students who were offended by Fr. Greg’s preaching. I’d’ve expected twice that many, just among Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys fans.

      • Scott W.

        It’s hard to believe anybody who knew him at all would tell him they’re in a sexual relationship outside marriage and expect his support.

        I did catch a whiff of bait-and-trap in this.

  • Stu

    GWU, a bastion of limousine liberal elite.

    True story.

    While I did not attend GWU, my NROTC program was there. One day, I was walking back towards the Foggy Bottom Metro stop and I encountered a protest of sorts. The students had formed a ring around a Lamborghini to stop it from being towed because it was illegally parked.

    That is the sort of mentality you encounter there.

    • Mark Shea

      That’s some hard core Social Justice Concern right there.

  • Scott W.

    On a related topic, here is a homosexual Masha Gessen, freely admitting that the goal of same-sex “marriage” is not equality, but destruction of marriage altogether:

  • Kirt Higdon

    Sort of tangential to the topic, but I could never figure out why the use of the term “gay brownshirts” was so bad when the original brownshirts were largely notorious homosexuals, commanded by an open homosexual, and condemned for their homosexuality by enemies across the political spectrum, finally including even the enemies in their own (Nazi) party. When the term “gay brownshirt” was dropped “visigoth” was substituted, but the Visigoths, for all their numerous faults, did not to my knowledge have a historical reputation for homosexuality.