Will Ferrell, Jack Black to star in “Tag Brothers”, based on the epic game of Tag played by Fr. Sean Raftis and his friends…

I had lunch with Fr. Sean once here in Seattle.  Didn’t know about his secret life as a Tag player at the time.  This sort of thing fills me with joy.

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  • Michael

    Well, until you see the film and it’s filled with vile humor.

    • Beadgirl

      Be hopeful! Jack Black was in the movie The Big Year, and that was absolutely delightful.

  • victor

    In the Will Ferrell version, four friends create their lifelong tag game after a night on a wild cocaine and booze bender when one of the friends accidentally (and hilariously!) murders a prostitute. As she’s shoved down a garbage chute, the first friend looks towards the priest character and says “Tag! You’re it!” and so begins a comedic drug-and-sex-fueled murder spree which spans decades, all across the globe. Not to be missed: the hilarious “Vatican sequence”, which has the friends “tagging-it-out” inside of San Pietro during the Pope’s funeral.

  • Susan in WA

    Before Fr. Sean left for Montana, he was in Tacoma, WA and filled in at Holy Cross. (At that time, he was still a Jesuit.) Parishioners hoped that he would be assigned there permanently, but that was not to be. (Holy Cross did get another priest … also a lovely person.)