I hate being right all the time

Salon wrings its hands about anti-obesity as the new homophobia.

I’m way ahead of you Mr. Campos. There is absolutely nothing we can do about our appetites but demand that everybody else celebrate them. Jolly Pride today! Jolly Pride tomorrow. Jolly Pride forever!

Of course, since I lost 80 lbs, I have undergone Slender Identity Reassignment.

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  • Tancred

    Oooh, now you’re going to be hitting those catwalks in Milan.

  • Beccolina

    He completely right! We need a political movement allowing fat people to marry . . . oh, wait.

    The author of the Salon article is right about one thing: demeaning someone is not a good way to help them. It is very discouraging to read an article about size 10 mannequins (and a size 10 is NOT obese), and then see all the nasty comments about how we are now accommodating “pigs” “Cows” “sows”, etc. That if fat people just had more will power, they wouldn’t be fat, etc. It’s an attitude that totally overlooks how hard it can be to lose weight, how much dedication it takes, and how much misinformation is out there about HOW to lose weight.

  • LorenzoCanuck

    “Slender Identity Reassignment”

    Hah, brilliant! I’ll have to use/steal that one for later.

  • Guy

    I don’t think you “hate” being right all that much.