It’s a good thing barbaric backward Muslims…

aren’t harvesting eggs from aborted girls for experimentation and industrial use.  Because that would be evil.  Fortunately, it is enlightened post-Christian westerners who will be doing that.  That’s why we have the right and obligation to blow places like Iran off the map and bring them our higher and better civilization.  Because we are just naturally better.  Like the people who repurposed all that gold from Jewish teeth that would have otherwise been wasted.

Man, it’s good to be at the pinnacle of Truly Civilized Civilization[TM]!  No wonder God has called us to provide uplift for the rest of the world and keep it policed.  And you can tell the wogs need it because they are filled with irrational hatred for us, despite our obvious superiority to them.  Ungrateful wretches.  We’ve given them condoms and abortion. We’ve killed tens of thousands of their riff-raff. We protect them with drones.  What else do they want from us?

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  • Brian

    Okay, while my first reaction was rage and disbelief, now I’m not so sure that this is actually happening. Granted, I have to get to work, so I don’t have time for full on research, but I can’t find a source for this online other than the Daily Mail. I’m not British, and I don’t read much print news these days, but I’ve come to be wary of columns originating there. They seem to go heavily into sensationalism, and I’ve heard that they’re the overseas equivalent of the Enquirer.

    (All that, of course, is just as unreliable as what I’m talking about. I think…I’ve heard…They seem)

    So I did some checking, and the article just seems factually…sparse. There’s no date given on the webpage. A quick search for the Dr. mentioned several times reveals HER (not him) to be an OB from St. Louis. (Could there be more than one Tal Biron Shental? Maybe. I don’t have time to dissect it.) The “European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology” doesn’t seem to have met in Madrid in the past five years, let alone is there any mention of such research being unveiled there.

    I’m not saying this isn’t horrible (if it’s happening). I do think that, as Christians, we have a responsibility to be cautious in this age of instant communications to make sure that the things we are saying are true.

    A little more research shows some explanations for some of my questions: The column was published a decade ago. So maybe there was some actual research done and presented in Madrid back before Twitter was a thing. If anyone else can find quotes, papers, research, anything that’s referenced anywhere besides a somewhat dubious news source (or can correct my misgivings about the accuracy of the Daily Mail), I’d be happy (in a way) to go back to being outraged.