My dear good bishop…

…Abp. Peter Sartain has had the thankless task of investigating the New Age kooks who have taken over and are running the asylum that is the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.  For his troubles he and the sane people in the Church have naturally been rewarded by the Know Nothings at 60 Minutes with the standard Evil Catholic Church vs. Plucky Rebel Alliance narrative.  Here’s the autopsy on their stupid report.

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  • MaryMargaret They hit all the Catholic drinking game points: Vatican “crackdown”, I Am Church, Really what is obedience anyway, Reform, Inquisition, The Hierarchy “fears” women and, of course, a gratuitous swipe at PBXVI by “some” people about the scandal. I know I missed some. I am glad I missed this when it was first broadcast..I might have had to buy a new television after I threw something at the one I have.

  • Dan

    Poor Sartain, He was an excellent bishop here in Joliet and I sincerely hope that he can carry on his good work.

  • Benjamin

    I do not understand Catholics who don’t believe what Catholicism teaches. Do. Not. Get it.

    The religious world would make a whole lot more sense if 80% American Catholics became Episcopalians and 80% of Episcopalians became Unitarian Universalists.

    • S. Murphy

      1. It’s about family for a lot of people – their family, the Church as a family, somethign like that.
      2. There are a lot of Catholics who don’t believe what the Church teaches because they don’t even know what the Church teaches. They went to CCD and everything, but they didn’t pay attention, or weren’t taught a very accurate version – and they stopped learning after confirmation, when they stopped going to CCD or Catholic school, whichever it was. But it’s still their Church, their tribe and family. Cf Andrew Sullivan, who had a debate with Sam Harris, in which he conceded almost every point Harris made, but still inisists (AFAIK) that he believes in God, and the Church’s sacramental view of life – in some way or other, and has said that he coudln’t become an Episcopalian because it’d amount to something like treason. Kind of like Chesterton’s French criminal mastermind Flambeaux, in the Fr brown stories – he could be a Catholic or an atheist, but nothing else.

  • Alexander Anderson

    “Feminist theology… is uncomfortable with the emphasis in classical theology on losing the self by putting others first.” This should be more than enough evidence for the necessity of reform. I cannot think of anything more vital to orthodoxy and orthopraxis. In addition, wouldn’t any woman who rejects this be rejecting just about the whole *point* of a religious vocation?

    • Spastichedgehog

      I would add that anyone rejecting this, male or female, misses the whole point of a vocation, religious or otherwise.

    • Knower

      Actually, doesn’t the “classical theology” of Thomas Aquinas teach that we should indeed love ourself more than others? See on this the *Summa Thol.*, II-II, Q. 26, a. 4.

  • KML

    Ding, ding.

    (Comment too short. Winner, winner, chicken dinner?)

    • KML

      ^Reply to Spastichedgehog.