Nice Little Piece

explaining Thomas’ Five Ways of demonstrating the existence of God and showing the underlying unity of those ways.

Drury also offers a nice take on Dawkins’ arguments from probability.

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  • Obpoet

    I would love to get a copy of the English translation of that Drury essay.

    • Jon W

      Yeah, seriously. Head spinningly obfuscatory. Hyper-nonunindeciferable jargonish. I’m sure it’s brilliant. I wish I had the math background to begin to make head or tails of it.

  • rd

    not having read any of the books that drury mentions, i would have to trust his reading of them. given that, i don’t often hear someone call out hahn and madrid on an error or two. but the most glaring error to me is the claim that God is not enumerable!

    incidentally, a lot of what drury says echoes what pope benedict often pointed out: the rationality, the Logos, of the universe.

  • ivan_the_mad

    Great stuff, thanks for posting!