Not Something You See Every Day

Pope Francis greeting Patti Smith:

On a related note: The Francis Effect: Lapsed Catholics Being Lured Back by New Pope

Lovely to me how our Popes have been providentially arranged by God to build on the work of their predecessors.

  • Birthday girl

    The photo is so small and my eyes are so old, … is that THE Patti Smith of Easter, Horses, “I am an American Muslim and I have no guilt”, Gloria, heroin addiction, etc? I thought she was dead. I like seeing her smile.
    I wonder who the guy next to her is. You know, she has no impact on my real life, but this makes me feel a little happier. Thank you.

  • victor

    On the one hand, the Francis Effect is great, but on the other hand people are really being “lured” back to the Chuch by a simple difference in personality or biography between two Popes?, but on the other hand, it’s great!

  • Julian Barkin

    Victor, I too agree with your sentiment. If a person’s Catholic faith is lukewarm and depends on the Pope’s personality, then their faith is like sand, as Christ said in the Bible, and they will certainly not be able to withstand any assaults on their faith or if something of the secular/dissenting liberal nature comes along. Also, what will happen when Francis dies? He’s no spring chicken so his papacy might be shorter.

    • Tom K.

      Why so downbeat? Why not focus on the positives? Like, maybe the people being lured back will die before Pope Francis dies. That’s be win-win!

      We know that lapsed Catholics who return to practicing the Catholic faith do so by the grace of God. The natural causes through which that grace operates may well be insubstantial considered in themselves, but then, the natural causes of their lapsing weren’t necessarily all that substantial, either. (And yes, some people may be coming to Mass without practicing the Catholic faith. That’s God’s business to sort out; it’s our business to live the Faith such that those around us will want to, too.)

    • Kevin

      You take whatever you can get. Nobody’s faith is 100% strong all the time. Anyone who says that is just a liar. We all come to faith for the silliest of things. Heck, for me it was saying grace before meals. No, seriously. In time I became a better Catholic, and I hope to become better. 25 years from now I hope to look back and say “man kevin, your faith was weak back then when you were 30.” That’s a sign of progress! And I hope finally to be in heaven, look back on that previous declaration and say “look how weak it was back then!”

    • Kate

      Cor ad cor loquitor.

      I honestly believe that the number of people converted by the exercise of apologetics and reason are onl a small fraction of all conversions. Logic is as weak a tie as is sentiment, ultimately – plenty of people who argue their way into the Church will argue their way out again.

      Both the intellectual convert and the emotional convert must become rooted in the solid bedrock of faith. The Intellect must be drawn into Relationship with Christ and with the people who make up the Body of Christ. The Heart must be drawn into the Wisdom of the Church through love of her people and her Lord.

      What does it matter what path the prodigal son takes on his way home?

  • dpt

    “If a person’s Catholic faith is lukewarm and depends on the Pope’s personality, then their faith is like sand…”

    They are prodigal sons and daughters, so we need to play a role in helping them know the Good News and living it.

  • Sean P. Dailey

    I remember watching, as a kid, Patti Smith perform on Saturday Night Live. She covered “Gloria” by Them but started the song with a line of her own: “Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine.”

    And how here is she is, grinning from ear to ear, greeting the Pope. Wow!

  • victor

    Whoa (from the Wikitubes):

    More recently, Smith has devoted her time to what she terms ‘pure photography’ (a method of capturing still objects without using a flash), which she began to pursue following the death of her husband in 1994. In 2011, Smith announced the first museum exhibition of her photography in the United States, Camera Solo. She named the project after a sign she saw in the abode of Pope Celestine V, which translates as ‘a room of one’s own’, and which Smith felt best described her solitary method of photography

    THE Pope Celestine the Vth — the tomb upon whom’s which Benedict laid his pallium? What can it all MEAN?! Other than Celestine has been a very busy guy lately!!

  • Clare Krishan

    Photo credit? Where online did you find it?

  • leefstrong – Maybe this song from Smith’s most recent album will give some context!

  • LaVallette

    Unfortunately many of the lapsed Catholics that I know or hve heard of speaking or read on the MSM that are interested in returning, is based on the expectation that Pope Francis with his Jesuitcal background, will turn the church into a “social work institution for the poor” by selling the material patrimony of the church for this purpose and more importantly ease off the doctrinal and moral teaching pedal. I suspect that many will be disappointed and leave even more hositle than they have been up to now, that the Chuch will not trnformed itself ino their own “image” for it. They have forgotten completely the order of Christ’s two great commandments: Matthew 22: 36.40

    • Tom K.

      All the more reason to make sure they see Christ when they see us in Church.

      • Rosemarie


        Amen! Rather than fretting over whether they’re returning home for the “right” reasons, let’s pray that their return to the bosom of Mother Church and the graces of the Sacraments will bear fruit in their lives.