Reasons to Homeschool #98437932983

Your Middle Schooler will never be forced by the teacher, without your knowledge or permission, to ask somebody of the same sex to kiss them to demonstrate fealty to the Regime of Gay Awesomeness.

This is not about tolerance. This is about Force, Threats and Punishment.

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  • bob

    Ah, yes. And since it’s part of a school assignment, a classroom “exercise” it doesn’t qualify as sexual harassmet, right? But a five year old boy plants one on a girl…Well, he’s likely to be branded a predator. This has great promise for a lawsuit. Damages should finance a decent private school education.

  • Mike

    This was a sexual assault plain and simple; and DIGUSTING!

  • Benjamin

    This is sexual harassment and should be treated as such.

    • Rosemarie


      Definitely sexual harassment. There’s no mention of the boys being asked to do the same in their separate session. I wonder why?

      • Guest

        Probably because despite all the college student’s familiarity with ‘genderqueerness’ they are still ‘sexist’ deep in their priviledged little upper-class hearts and knew if they tried to force boys to kiss each other they would have mass insubordination on their hands and a bunch of irate dads on their backs.

  • http://www.cappadociainlowell.blogspot.com Renee

    So they were not actual teachers certified in health education? Their workshop was not apart of a curriculum that could be reviewed by parents or the student? These were college students, who basically had the floor to themselves to do whatever that really wanted with these middle school kids. Who was supervising them?

    It seems a lot of these controversies are coming from the assemblies/workshops, and not the actual curriculum that is set up by the health educator. A health teacher is a professional, he or she will speak to my children in the very same manner their doctor would speak to them in terms of sex. As someone who would be labeled conservative, we’re not against teaching our children the facts of human sexuality, but we demand that it is done a manner that one would speak to a young adult that is at a level of a real health care professional.

  • http://www.cappadociainlowell.blogspot.com Renee

    Research backs up the parents’ concern…
    The sad thing is that indeed scientific research backs up the parents’ concerns for their children.

    Can Your Sexual Debut Predict Your Future? From Psychology Today April 16 2013

    “Most studies indicate that sex at a young age (under age 15 in the US) raises the level of risk for future delinquency as well as mental and physical health difficulties (depression, eating disorders, unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases)……

    Interestingly, Harden’s data showed no differences between the ‘early’ and ‘on- time’ groups. But those participants who waited with sex at least until the age of twenty were significantly different from the other groups. They earned more money, acquired more education, had fewer partners and reported far fewer problems with their marriages.”

  • Mark R

    It is harassment, and a lot of other bad things…but what would stop gay or decadent homeschoolers from doing this too?

    • ivan_the_mad

      You missed the point of the post, which is “forced by the teacher, without your knowledge or permission”.

  • http://www.patheos.com Amy

    hmm. my anti-virus software sent bells and whistles off when I clicked the link…calling it Mal-ware and that it just saved my computer from crashing….Read the webpage anyway (I’m still here). How about someone sending this as a hashtag, providing the web link is not compromised?

    • http://standupforthetruth.com Amy S

      No worries, Amy. Our site is 100-percent free of malware. Google had us marked two months ago, but we’ve been cleared. However that notice still shows up in some browsers. A good cache-clearing will clear that right up.