Reporters Apologize for Ignoring Gosnell


God is merciful and abundantly pardons. So should we.

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  • Joseph

    I’d forgive… but those token pieces have been written, are now cold, and are now ready for archiving. The authors feel good about their half-confessions… they’re still pro-choice after all.

  • JoFro

    Sorry! This coverage is still a trickle! And I’m not accepting pathetic apologies! When I see the MSM report this like they reported the Sandy Hook tragedy, then I’ll believe their apologies – until then, this is mere lip service

  • Mike in KC, MO

    *checks news feed*

    Well, I still don’t see ANYTHING like the Trayvon Martin and/or Matthew Shepard coverage, so it appears that the BS ‘some people are more equal than others’ is still totally in play.

    I think they are mainly sorry that they got caught. Perhaps if they do change, then yes.

  • Guest

    CBS This Morning reported the story and the complaints of pro-lifers on the media blackout. But mostly they wanted to tell that they had a reporter on the case all along and were the first one’s to report on it back in 2010. No mea culpa’s there at all.

    As of a few minutes ago there was nothing on ABC’s web front page about either the trial or the media blackout.

  • Dave

    Gosnelled: verb, pertaining to media journalists. To ignore or abort with prejudice