Revoke the God King’s Nobel Peace Prize

The Trendies had their fun and gave the utterly unworthy Barack Obama a Nobel Peace Prize as a way of extending an upraised middle finger to George W. Bush.  But in a living laboratory demonstration of the principle that The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend is rubbish, Obama has demonstrated that The Who were right when it comes to trusting the God King with the War Machine.  So:

This week, a challenge has begun with the launch of a petition urging the Norwegian Nobel Committee to revoke Obama’s Peace Prize. By midnight of the first day, nearly 10,000 people had signed. The online petition simply tells the Nobel committee: “I urge you to rescind the Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded to Barack Obama.”

To sign the petition urging the Norwegian Nobel Committee to revoke President Obama’s Peace Prize, clickhere.

It is disgrace that this murderer still possesses this ridiculous Award for Not Being George W. Bush.  Rescind it.

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  • Chris Chan

    The Nobel statutes make it clear that the Prizes can never be rescinded. No matter what happens, no matter what atrocities or stupidities the Laureate commits after receiving the Prize, the Nobel Peace Prize can never be revoked. All previous attempts to have a Nobel Prize revoked have been met with a simple statement that basically boils down to: “We don’t have the power to revoke the Prize. Any attempt to persuade us to do so is futile.” The best we can hope for is that members of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee (past and present) will issue a statement denouncing the misdeeds of a Laureate (this has happened), or award another Prize to someone condemning the Laureate’s misdeeds. For more on this, see Jay Nordlinger’s “Peace, They Say,” a history of the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • The True Will

    And if somehow the precedent were set, I am sure it would be followed by demands to “rescind” the awards to Roosevelt (imperialist!), Yeats (reactionary!) and any other Politically Incorrect honorees.

  • SouthCoast

    This all assumes that the Nobel Prize currently has either relevance or integrity.

  • Andy, Bad Person

    If Arafat keeps his, Obama keeps his.

  • Dan Bodine

    When growing up in rural Texas I remember citizenship as being defined by some eloquent statesman’s words: “My country (substitute ‘president’), right or wrong.” Fifty years of social development later we now have citizens who define themselves by how many extended “middle” fingers they can give a minority president because he dared to symbolize “a better world,” and step toward stirring of the embers of reform needed for it.

    I don’t think we have “developed” forward as citizens, not the kind who pull together to make “a better world” for he or she of the lowest common denominator in line to access tools in survivorship’s war-chest. I think the wretched changes we’ve seen, not wrenched by society’s Progress, has been individual greed and malice “shooting up” (like dormant harmful weeds shooting up in the ‘back 40′ when Farmer John passes on plowing for a few years) in the wake of relaxed governmental restrictions heady politicians were able to pass earlier as “rights”–pass in good ol’ days of kinder economies when folks felt better about themselves and subsequently others, too, in the same breath.

    What we’re witnessing now is not the result of progressive democracy. So few people voting in elections is one big sign of that. What we’re seeing–and certainly what some of these repugnant comments praising the almost sacrilegious gesture of extending one’s middle finger to the president of the U.S. certainly are–is a new, perverse ‘come-uppance’ of the old, reviled Libertarian “watchman” state that was allowed to sidle into our Constitution.

    Times are strange, yes. “Sovereign” citizens owe their allegiances to “no one.” Which requires different language to even define a Catholic moral leader now. If that’s what we’ve really come to.

  • S. Quinn

    “Fifty years of social development later we now have citizens who define themselves by how many extended ‘middle’ fingers they can give a minority president because he dared to symbolize ‘a better world,’ and step toward stirring of the embers of reform needed for it.”

    Yikes…wow…and wrong on SO many levels! Astonishing! Kill lists, drones, merciless deaths to babies born alive when abortionists fail, ridicule of everyone who does not agree with him, “us” versus “them” language, mocking citizens, inviting the bishops to the White House so they could be lectured on the correct interpretation of magisterial documents, refusal to allow even one of his papers to be published (yet claiming to be a “constitutional scholar”), appointing people like Sibelius and Kerry, the list goes on and on and ON as to why BOTH my left-wing friends and family members AND the more conservative among my acquaintances are revolted by this man. No, it does NOT mean we want to go back to Bush, but this man is an EMPTY SUIT and if you are posting here, meaning, I take it, you think he DESERVES the Nobel Peace Prize,
    than I just have to ask myself what Gandhi and Martin Luther King would make of the drones, kill lists, post0birth-abortions etc. ad infinitum.

    The man most emphatically DOES NOT “symbolize a better world” to everyone, unless your idea of “a better world” is extending the middle finger to everyone you hate by laughing in their faces and saying “Free birth control for the Sandra Flukes of the world (soon to be a highly paid attorney) but F*U if you take a drug that keeps you alive – not only is it not free, but you can pay the co-pays and everything else! ” Or “F*U – I don’t CARE if you lose your job, as long as it LOOKS LIKE I am doing something for ‘reform’” —- as in the monstrously overly-excessive regulations being piled upon small-business-persons’ heads so we have no choice – none whatsoever – but to let people go (sorry, I can’t operate at a loss!). Sheesh, even Jon Steward and Rachel has something to say about the Defense Act. And the Supreme Court, which UNANIMOUSLY – including the leftists – told the Prez that he could NOT dictate who churches hire. UNANIMOUSLY. I could go on..and on…and on…but the blog isn’t big enough.

    And it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with his being a “minority.”

  • Desi Erasmus

    Lê Ðức Thọ was probably the most honest recipient, refusing it on the ground that he and Kissinger had not ended the Vietnam War.

    “The awards given to Lê Ðức Thọ and Henry Kissinger prompted two dissenting Committee members to resign. Thọ refused to accept the prize, on the grounds that peace had not actually been achieved in Vietnam.”