The Knights of Columbus…

…are too Catholic for Gonzaga University.

I would sooner send my kids to a Protestant or secular school than to a Jesuit institution.

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  • Nick

    Hey now, Mark, they’re not all bad — I wouldn’t be attending a Jesuit institution this fall if they were! :)

  • MTD

    Yeah, you just have to pick the right ones. Though I admit, at the university level there are more opportunities for problems, even when there are good things. My high school was solid but even our priests were quick to tell us that some of their brethren were, shall we say, misguided.

  • John Weingarten

    Overall, I agree with your comment Mark. However, I keep clinging to hope that things could get better if enough of the faithful apply the right sort of pressure. It’s just a small sliver of hope, and I think we might be tilting at windmills.
    As to the Knights issue, Gonzaga’s president says he’ll review the decision to ban the student Knights group–but the review will take 30 to 45 days! No decision until after graduation? Perhaps to try to make the bad PR go away? Why, when Gonzaga provides and funds a prayer space that’s exclusively for Muslim students (one room just for Muslim women and one for Muslim men) does it have a problem making an immediate decision to allow equal treatment for Catholics at this Catholic university? Unbelievable. (Read about the Muslim prayer space at

  • Irenist

    What about a certain global institution run by an Argentine Jesuit?

  • Mark R

    The Jesuits have started some good Schools of Philosophy in Poland since the fall of Communism…but then your children would have to learn Polish :-).

  • Morgan

    That is why I’m attending a Methodist school for my master’s, even though I would have preferred the local Jesuit university. The local Jesuit option makes a point of apologizing for being Christian and ensured that prospective students were aware Catholic teaching had no influence on their instruction. I’d rather go to an institution with a few holes in the stained glass window than one that covers it completely.