Whoa! A Trifecta of People I Think the World of!

So fellow Patheosi Frank Weathers interviews my pal Rod Bennett on Forming Intentional Disciples (a project spearheaded by my other near and dear friend Sherry Weddell).  What’s not to love?

What?  What do you mean you’ve not read Forming Intentional Disciples and put your shoulder to the wheel behind this hugely important mission?  Here, let me help you:  Go here, buy this, read it.  If you need some pointers on what to do next, talk to Frank or Rod.

Fr. Robert Barron on Sherry Weddell's Forming Intentional Disciples
Interesting and Beautiful Follow-up to our Five Stages of Intentional Discipleship Discussion
Sherry Weddell is Everywhere
Sherry Weddell's Forming Intentional Disciples...
  • Theodore Seeber

    I read “Four signs of a Dynamic Catholic” instead. Same mission, different angle.

  • Sherry Weddell

    I quoted Rod Bennett in Forming Intentional Disciples. I’m such a prophet . . . :-}

    And someday I am going to spend some time in the Smoky Mountain!

  • Frank Weathers

    Come on over, and sit a spell!

  • Kathleen Lundquist

    Some of my favorite people too! Neat-o!

    (Though I don’t know Frank personally, any friend of Sherry’s and Rod’s is a friend of mine…)

  • Andy, Bad Person

    We still haven’t gotten word on the Big News of who is joining Patheos!

  • http://www.otakucatholic.blogspot.com Becca

    I’ve been trying to form a group of Intentional Disciples at my parish. Nobody is interested so we’re trying to start it up again after a couple of weeks, hopefully. We are hillbillies too only in West Virginia.

  • Diana

    My small informal Bible Study group is reading “Forming Intentional Disciples” now. I guess the next thing we’ll probably do is get the Called and Gifted for Small Groups thing on CD. We’d love any further suggestions, Sherry!

  • An Aaron, not the Aaron

    I just finished “The Christus Experiment” and loved it. I would compare it favorably to Michael Critchton’s stuff (Bennett’s characters are more well-developed, though). It is extremely difficult to depict Jesus outside of the context of His quotes in the Bible. Without giving too much away, I think Bennett’s Jesus is spot on. Too often, the Jesus of fiction (and the Jesus Seminar) becomes just a projection of the author. Here, Jesus is both fresh and recognizable. Bennett clearly not only has read the Gospels, but “knows” Jesus. I remember saying to myself several times while I read this book, “Ahh, this is how Jesus should speak and act.”

    I will soon be ordering Ms. Weddell’s book, but I have to finish “Eifelheim” and Mark’s “Salt and Light” before I can get to it (I try to read them in the order that I get them).

    BTW, Mark, I get the most jaw drops in my parish’s RCIA class when I discuss the Our Father and make your point that “forgive us our trespasses” is conditioned upon “as we forgive those who trespass against us” from your “The Heart of Catholic Prayer.” I also get to experience some incredible transformations from some of the participants due to this revelation. So, thanks for making this point so clear in your book.

    • Mark Shea

      Thanks so much! And thanks be to God!