A Fellow Flynn Fan Effuses

A reader writes:

1)      I enjoy your work even when I disagree with you; your friendly and lucid writing style help bring Biblical ideas and Church thought to my attention – which ultimately brings me closer to Christ – for that I thank you


2)      Your post on the Church and science is near and dear to my heart – I’m a big fan of Mike Flynn and read his blog regularly.  I’m also reading right now a book that deals with these topics you might want to direct your readers to: God’s Philosophers by James Hannam (http://jameshannam.com/).  It is a very good read and deals with the historical issues around many of the scientific development of the Middle Ages – showing how the Church and scientists worked together quite well.

Yep.  I highly recommend the both of them.  I’m a huge fan of Flynn and his blog–even just the casual one-offs–is chockablock with tasty educational goodness.

And that’s not even counting his terrific fiction!  So thanks, reader!  Nice to meet a fellow fan!

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