Bush 44! Now with Extra Death!

“Former CIA Chief: Obama’s War on Terror Same as Bush’s, But With More Killing”

Dear Obama Voter: Own This.

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  • Joseph

    The only thing Obama voters own are Apple products, squatting rights outside of their favourite Apple store, and hemp clothing that hasn’t been washed in a week or two. But responsibility? Nah. None. They’ll never own up to their irresponsible celebrity cultist behaviour that enables pop culture to dictate every decision they make and the contents of every conversation they have.

    • Do you use a 4″ brush or a roller to paint so broadly?

      • Joseph

        I wasn’t aware that I was inaccurate in any way.

        • John Schaefer

          You apparently are much smarter than the rest of us.

          • Joseph

            I wouldn’t go that far. Maybe just smarter than you.

            • John Schaefer

              Charming, too, Joseph. I bet it serves you well at parties.

              • Joseph

                Never thought about it. But, now that you mentioned it, yes, it does serve me quite well at parties. I was just too humble to see it before.

    • The only thing Obama voters own are Apple products

      I don’t agree with this, but this is still way funny.

      • Joseph

        It’s a metaphor I use to describe a mindless pop culture that will buy, say, do anything as long as the advertising is *cool*, thus they perceive themselves as *cool* by being suckered by it.

  • Benjamin

    Surely we can trust everything a former Bush administration official says about Obama. It’s not like he’d be trying to cover his ass or anything.

    • Joseph

      Um… proving my point? Obama *is* Bush. Only under Obama, the moves that Bush was making to create perpetual war, unconstitutionally invade the privacy of US citizens, commit to torture and indefinite detention of those guilty of no crime (having not been tried in a court of law) including American citizens, ignoring countless amendments in the constitution he has sworn to uphold, ensuring widespread corporate and banking monopolies through his domestic policies, etc. have been increased in speed. The other difference is that he happens to be a person who is in favour of the mass media, the source of all being for his mindless followers (like yourself). If Bush were still president and doing the same things that Obama has been doing (which I have no doubt he would have), the celebrity cultists who worship at the altar of the cult of personality and cannot think outside of the parameters given them by a hipster mass media would be getting off their arses at their local Apple store and would be, at least, camping out on the White House lawn in protest. But since Obama is so *cool*, according to their boob tubes and other sources of media brainwashing, they hold hands singing the praises of their benevolent master with eyes rolled into the backs of their heads and drool dripping from their mouths like zombies. It would just be *uncool* to be anything but doubleplusgood.

  • It seems to me that I do not have to own this in it’s entirety. As is pointed out, 2 POTUS, Congress and the Court System have all joined together here.

    “Both Bush and Obama said the country was at war. The enemy was al-Qaida.
    The war was global in nature. And the United States would have to take
    the fight to the enemy, wherever it may be, he said. And yet, you’ve had two presidents, the American Congress, and the
    American court system, in essence, sign up to all four of those
    sentences,” Hayden said.”

    On another note, Obama wasn’t in the whole drone thing alone, as congress also signed off on every, single drone strike. It’s so tempting to give someone this perception of power that they don’t really have. http://www.slate.com/blogs/weigel/2013/05/23/four_moments_in_his_security_speech_when_obama_passed_the_buck_to_congress.html

    • Joseph

      Obama, like Bush before him, is just doing what he’s told… just with greater efficiency. His help is derived from a media that licks his arse at every opportunity. And because Obama followers cannot think outside of the parameters of pop culture, they naturally think accordingly with the media, their brain teet.

      You are right that your king hasn’t been acting alone, however. But you put your intellectual laziness on display and continualy prove my point when using the “but he’s not entirely at fault” card as a means of passing the buck. Your lord is not the cool guy you think he is… he’s essentially Bush with a mask on… an even more extreme Bush.

      • John Schaefer

        This is not even worth a reply. Except to say, that you refer to me as intellectually lazy, yet pull out the old RW Media canards of the media licking Obama’s arse. Weak. I do not claim that Obama is perfect, nor is he my King. But, thanks for trotting out that positioning. But, you should stretch out your own intellectual reasoning to understand that there are other forces at play….forces YOU probably voted for yourself. You can play along with the theater of politics, but you show your own intellectual inneptitude, while not thinking through the various components that come into play.

        • Joseph

          “This is not even worth a reply”… says the self-important contradiction in his reply… duh…

          • John Schaefer

            So says the self important flamer….

  • Jack Picknell

    Death by drone is de rigeur.
    Torture is passé.

    Barack would never do faux pas.
    His ways are so classé