Coptic and Catholic Popes to meet…

this month. Very cool, if for no other reason than that it might alert American Fundamentalists to the fact that “pope” is not simply a term cooked up by the bishop of Rome. It turns out there’s this whole ‘nother world of Christians tracing their origins back to the apostles and scad of things American Fundamentalists think were “invented by the Vatican in the Dark Ages” also are inexplicably believed by all sorts of Christian communions in East, despite the fact that they broke with the Catholic communion before there was a Vatican or a “Dark Ages”. It’s like they got this stuff from the apostles or something and not from the Pope of Rome. Weird!

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  • Patrick Hartley

    another post arguing who’s fancy little club is more legit.

  • ivan_the_mad

    I would love to be a fly on the wall for that meeting! Hopefully this meeting will also serve to galvanize the Western Church to pray for and aid the Coptics, who are having a very bad time of it right now.

  • bob cratchit

    Since the word “Pope” comes from the English, how did the Coptics come to use it? Did they always use it or is italso a transliteration from something else like “papa”?

    • ivan_the_mad

      Pope and papa share the same Greek origin, pappos :)

  • Joseph Drake

    Thanks Mark. And David, Pope is derived from other languages. One of Twadros’s titles is, in translation Pope. The other is Patriarch.