Giant Deadly Snail Found in Houston


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  • Rebecca Fuentes

    LOL. Or stroll of meander, if you prefer. Someone probably brought one in as an illegal exotic pet, though I can’t imagine that it got loose on its own.

    • oldnuke

      You don’t think it ran….um, strolled…um, oozed…away from home? What I wonder is how someone didn’t notice. Were they on a 3-month safari or something?

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    You’ll be laughing out the other side of your eye stalk, boyo:

  • Gary Keith Chesterton

    How the HELL could anybody fail to click that link?

  • victor

    “I think most kids especially would look at a big snail and want to touch it,” he said. “That’s scary.”
    What’s really scary is what most kids would ACTUALLY do with a giant snail if they found one. They’d better hope these things don’t make it up to NYC, because after all the Mayor has done there to cut down on salt, they wouldn’t stand a chance at defeating these things.

  • Michael Matthew

    Y’all know that everything is bigger in Texas!! Not only might they touch it, but heck, they may put a saddle on it and ride it!

    • James H, London

      No matter how much bigger things are in Texas, they’re always bigger in Africa!

      I remember being on a school field trip (in South Africa) at age 10 and goggling at the size of these things. Fortunately, they were in a tank.

      They must have escaped from a zoo or something. Eww!

  • Nick Corrado

    Was that an invader zim reference?!

  • kenofken

    I feel sure this will be seized upon by the NRA as a primary need for more concealed carry and high-capacity magazines…..